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Kraus Black Friday/End of Year Sale 2022

Did you hear?! KRAUS is having a HUGE SALE this Black Friday! EVERYTHING UP TO 40% OFF ON SALE and at the best price of the year!

This sale ends 12/22, so take advantage before Christmas and before it's too late!

Get the top-rated kitchen and bathroom faucets, sinks and accessories at an affordable price only from Direct Sinks. Any SKU, any product, all on sale for only this time of year, so don't miss out! Shop the Direct Sinks online store now before it's too late.

Kraus is an innovative designer and manufacturer of Kitchen and Bath Sinks and Faucets based in NY. Directsinks has been a seller, and all around cheerleader, of their product for nearly a decade. We are also excited to say that as a result of their quality, loyalty, and dedication to quality and service, Delta Faucet Company has now acquired the Kraus brand.

Our Thoughts...

Kraus is often the first choice for Designers, Builders, and Homeowners alike. Their Sinks and Faucets have everything someone could want. Quality. Style. Value. Availability. Warranty.

Occassionally, our clients have hesitation about Kraus for one reason: Price.

Unlike some of the "Big Brands" -Kohler or Franke for example, Kraus is not a company that drives the perception of "High Price equals High Quality". We found over the years of distributing and selling Kraus, that the brand simply has great products and great prices.

Need More?

Everything Kraus

All of Kraus that is on sale!

Why Kraus?

We know shopping for sinks and faucets has become far more complicated in the past few years. You might have questions, and we will gladly answer.

Question: "What makes one brand different from another?"

DS: "A few "big" differences, and a lot of minor differences."

  A few big differences with Kraus:

1. Their main headquarters, reseach and development, and  most of their customer service is located in NY. We have been there nemourous times.  When someone calls Kraus, they answer the phone.   

2. Kraus is easy to work with as a homeowner or professional.

  • No Hoops. I am refering to the "Jumping through hoops" some companies will have you doing when you have questions.  
  • Need specifications? Done!
  • Need a part? Done!
  • Need DXF files for a CNC machine to fabricate a counter top? Done!
  • Have an installation or troubleshooting question? Answered!
  • 3. Kraus has been around since 2007 and recently acquired by the Delta Faucet Company

    Do you know that anyone can sell on a big market place like amazon?  Next time you are shopping there, take a look at kitchen sinks. Next, take notice to the list of brands that are available.  You will find a long list of brands that only exists on amazon.  Try to research some of these "fly by night" brands, and typically you can't find anything. Good Luck with getting any service. 

    Keep in mind, a transient company can offer a warranty to the end of time. BUT, that means to the end of their time. Companies are out there on places like amazon and eBay that buy a shipping container of product under a corporation name. They offer a lifetime warranty.  They sell through the product then dissolve the corporation (On paper), then start over. This is part of the reason why someone can find sinks that look like Kraus sinks, but are half the price.

    4. Kraus is Certified across several parameters

  • Uniform Plumbing Code- cUPC 
  • International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials Shield American Disabilities Act- ADA
  • California AB 1953- Lead Free Compliance
  • California Energy Commission
  • ETL Certified Intertek ETL
  • UL Listed 
  • Department of Energy (Maximum Water Use 1.8GPM or less)
  • DOE Regulations
  • Massachusetts Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters (All Plumbing Products are listed – Sinks, Faucets, Strainers)
  • Massachusetts Board of Registration
  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality