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Pintura Series by KRAUS | Enameled Kitchen Sinks

Pintura Series by KRAUS, white kitchen sinks

Express yourself with the distinctive style of KRAUS Pintura Series sinks: Offering the timeless appeal of cast iron transformed for today’s kitchen with a light and resilient steel core, these versatile sinks provide endless design possibilities without the need for specialized installation. Each sink is fired at high temperatures of 1500°F, creating a smooth non-porous porcelain enamel surface that’s highly resistant to impact, scratches, chips, and stains. The high-gloss finish easily wipes clean, and will not dull or fade over time. Proprietary NoiseDefend™ sound dampening technology provides exceptional sound reduction when the sink is in use, with extra-thick rubber dampening padding that eliminates noise from dishwashing and waste disposal. The undermount configuration is designed for seamless installation with a variety of countertops and makes it easy to wipe water straight into the sink.