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Largest Sinks for 24 inch Cabinets for Sale

The Biggest Sink for a 24" Cabinet

We have had several requests for the "largest possible sink for a 24" cabinet" 

The Frequent questions are:

"What size sink fits into a 24 inch cabinet?"  
"What is the biggest sink I can fit into a 24" cabinet?"
"I need a sink fast, and I have a 24" cabinet, what fits?"

We love talking to people about this, and it is not always straight forward. Call us or live chat if you like!

We know having a larger sink has its benefits:

  • Easier to fill pots and clean dishes
  • Keep the dirty dishes hidden before looking like they "pile up" 
  • Did we mention easier use of the sink? 

There is only one major disadvantage for a larger sink.. Less counter top space.     

We compiled the best-selling sinks for a 24" Sink Base cabinet below. Shop our selection of large sinks for 24 inch cabinets for sale. Our brands range from Dawn, Kraus, Lexicon, ALFI, and Wells Sinkware.     

Please Note: Sink installation methods vary widely through the country. The West Coast installs a granite counter top and sink very different then installed here in NY. Some counter top fabricators will get a sink intended for a 27" cabinet into a 24" cabinet, some want a lot of room to work.  Ultimately, the person installing the sink will make the final determination if a sink fits into a cabinet. 

With this said, Sink manufactures will often suggest a larger than necessary cabinet to mount a sink. This is to cover the methods and skill-sets of the installers. 

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