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P-traps are a necessary component of your sink’s plumbing and serve an important purpose. Your P-trap is what keeps odors and dangerous gases from escaping and polluting the air in your home. P-Traps use water in the pipe to create a seal that keeps the pipe blocked at all times. It’s also super handy if you lose something valuable down the drain by mistake such as a wedding ring or earring! At Direct Sinks, we have a wide variety of different styles and finishes that can match the rest of the hardware in your bathroom. If you have a pedestal or console holding up your sink and your P-trap is going to be visible, choosing one of our stylish options will help you complete the desired look of your bathroom.

If you aren’t sure which P-trap you need, or which option will complement your sink the best, we’re here to help you make the right choice. Find the best bathroom sink accessories for your renovation or remodel by contacting our support team. You can call us directly or use our live chat option. One of our Direct Sinks experts will be happy to assist you!