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Order Cancellations

In Stock Items

Once placed, your order can not be canceled.  We work closely with our warehouses to ship your order as fast as reasonably possible.  Often, orders ship same day and/or ship after business hours. Meaning your order might be on its way before either of us have any tracking information.  

Next Steps?

  • Submit a Return Request: If your order has already shipped, and you will no longer be needing it for whatever reason; your first course of action would be to submit a return request here
  • Refuse Delivery of Package: If you refuse to accept the delivery of your order, the package will be shipped back to the sender (our warehouse) on our account.  This return shipping charge, and any fees associate with doing so, will be deducted from your refund.
  • Rerouting Your Package: If you take it upon yourself to reroute your package, the fees and return shipping charges that are charged to do so will be deducted from your refund.


Back Order & Pre-Order Items

If given enough notice, Back order and Pre-Orders can often be canceled or revised without issue. Please note, although rare, orders can ship earlier than anticipated. We can only provide the ETAs and information we are given straight from the manufacturers at any given time.  

If you are looking to cancel or edit a Back Order or Pre-Order, call (855) 827-3700 or email our customer service members so they can directly assist you with your order. 

If your order has shipped, regardless if you have the tracking information, it cannot be canceled and will be treated as a normal return.  Costs of the return will be the buyer's responsibility. 


If you need to cancel an order, call or email us

We are available Monday-Friday 830am- 5pm EST.  An emailed cancellation request does NOT mean your order was canceled.  It simply starts the process of finding out if an order can be canceled.  We will not contact you until the shipping warehouse has confirmed or denied the ability to cancel the order. We will respond via email either way.

We will do our best to accommodate your requests. Don't beat us up if we cannot stop your order from shipping.  We are people too!