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Composite and Quartz Kitchen Sinks

Quartz sinks, also known as composite sinks, are typically created with Quartz blended with resin. This creates a sink with color options and high durability.

We offer composite sinks from great companies such as Kraus, Lexicon, Rene , and Elkay

What we personally like about Quartz sinks is that they are quiet. Stainless sinks will have the ability to transfer the sound of the impact of running water. Quartz sinks are much more muted with this. 

We also like that Quartz Sinks have a lot of colors to choose from; You can get black, white, brown, gray, creams, and sometimes greens and blues. 

Often we are asked "What is the best quartz kitchen sink to buy?" This question has no exact answer. Let us know how you use your kitchen; are you a home chef? What style do you like? What sink do you have now?   We can direct you to what can possibly be the best kitchen sink for you.  Live Chat or call today 855-827-3700