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Largest Sink for a 24 inch Cabinet

What is the Biggest Sink for a 24inch Cabinets?

Question.  What is the biggest possible sink I can get to fit in my 24" sink base?  

"What size sink fits into a 24 inch sink base cabinet?"   
"What is the biggest sink I can fit into a 24" cabinet?"
"I need a sink fast, and I have a 24" cabinet, what fits?"

Believe it or not, we get these questions a lot.  There's good news and bad news.  Let's start with the bad news first.  You don't have a lot of shape options for this largest possible sink base size.  In fact, you have two- a rectangle or what we call a "D" sink.  [It's a sink that looks like a capital letter D on its side].  You will also have a single bowl option only, double bowl sinks typically need a bigger cabinet. The good news?  We, at DirectSinks are here to help, and walk you through all your options.

First Things First, YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

There were other homeowners in the same situation you're in.  And they were able to find the perfect 24-inch sink base cabinet to fit their style & needs. There is no need to stress! We will get through this together. You can view some other cries for help below! Sound familiar?!

"Looks like I will end up going with a 24'' sink base cabinet. I plan to have a single bowl undermount sink. What is the biggest sink that would fit the 24'' base? This will be the only sink in my small kitchen. Any recommendations of sinks welcomed!"

"We will have granite countertops and I am told that I cannot choose an undermount sink that is bigger than 19 x 19 for a 24 inch sink base. This is my only sink and that size won't do. Any ideas on how to deal with interior cabinet dimensions of 22.5 x 22.5? I really need some good advice."

What kind of countertop are you getting?

For those getting granite, quartz or a solid surface, you will have the most options to choose from since the largest possible sink can be under-mount or drop-in.

For those getting a Formica or a laminate countertop, your options are reduced down to top mount aka drop-in sinks. 

Under mount or top mount option

What style sink do you like?

Is your kitchen more traditional?  Or are you looking for a more contemporary, industrial look? There are options for both styles.  Take a look below at some of our favorites 24’ sinks.  Traditional sinks have large radius corners, while the newer trend of sinks will have small or zero radius corners. Some will even have drainage lines at the bottom of the sink!  In the end, the choice of sink style is 100% yours!

The rectangles then come in three additional style options: 
    -Open Radius, like the KBU12
    -Small Radius, like the SRU201609 or KHU101-23
    -Zero Radius, like the KHU23

Here are some of our favorites, that work with a 24" sinks



 Wells Sinkware 2318


Dawn 22 inch Stainless Steel Undermount


          Kraus 22.5 inch kitchen sink


Dawn 22 inch Kitchen Sink


Want to see more options?  We have a lot more sinks to choose from! 

👉Click Here to Shop a page dedicated to sinks that will work in most 24" Sink Base Cabinets. 

Want to see options for a 27" Sink Base Cabinet? 

👉Then you're going to want to click here! 


Lastly, If you needed a 24” sink 'yesterday,' call us! We ship some product from our NY warehouse same day Monday through Friday.  Also, we have warehouses throughout the U.S.A., so if you are in California, we have you covered too!  Texas? We got you!  In fact, where ever you are, let us know if you are in a time crunch. We can suggest a sink for a 24-inch sink base cabinet from a warehouse closest to you, so you can hopefully save time and money on expedited shipping. 


Need more guidance? Still wondering what large sink to choose for a 24-inch sink base cabinet? We are happy to help.  Find our contact information below.

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