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Widespread Kitchen Faucets for Sale

A widespread kitchen faucet is usually seen on larger sinks because it allows for more room between the faucet handles and the spout. Also, often widespread faucets are chosen for a more traditional or farmhouse style. A center set faucet is seen on typical bathroom sinks, because it takes up less space than a widespread faucet but delivers the same hot and cold water functions. It is called a “center set faucet” because it is typically set up to follow the center line of the sink. The term “spread” refers to the distance between the faucet mounting holes. Center set faucets use four inch spacing between holes, while widespread faucets are usually set farther apart, or have a larger “spread”. Widespread hole spacings can be anywhere from six to twelve inches. Widespread faucets have a separate handle and spout, allowing you greater control of the hot and cold functions.

 Typical brands that carry widespread kitchen faucets for sale include Dawn Kitchen & Bath Products, Kingston Brass, and Huntington Brass. Need help deciding which faucet setup is best for your kitchen? Contact our team of experts for help in choosing the best widespread faucet for your kitchen by giving us a call today at (855)827-3700 or taking advantage of our live chat feature.