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Bathroom Sink and Faucet Combos

In many cases, manufacturers will create a stunning sink that simply requires a matching faucet, something that complements the style, detail, and function, and continues the luxurious feel throughout your hand-washing experience. Some sinks are designed a little differently and don’t fit standard faucet options. In these cases, matching faucets are necessary to make the sink usable - the stunning final product is an added bonus! Bathroom sink and faucet combos are designed to function hand in hand and add a stylish flair to your bathroom or powder room. Brands such as KRAUS, and Premier Copper Products have created some of these beautiful sink and faucet pairings, and Direct Sinks has made it easy to order and enjoy them in your home.

 If you aren’t sure which bathroom sink and faucet combo will provide the right look and feel for your bathroom renovation, contact one of our experts who can help you out. You can call us directly to speak to one of our Direct Sinks team members, or use our live chat to get in touch quickly.