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Pot Fillers Faucets for Sale

Pot fillers have a connotation of a high-end kitchen. But they are more than that. Some may even argue they are more convenient than a prep sink. Pot fillers are fancy faucets conveniently located near a range. Their flexibility allows them to swing-out and extend their long arms to easily fill pots on the stove, and yet be able to folded into itself to be stored out of the way until they are needed again. There are four main advantages of owning a pot filler. 

  1. It reduces strain.  Carrying large pots of water can be strenuous on your hands, wrists and back.
  2. Enables Multitasking.  Filling a pot on the stove, frees up your kitchen sink for cleaning, rinsing and prepping OR even filling up another pot at the same time.
  3. Minimizes Mess. Filling up the pot on the stove reduces the chances of spills that happen while carrying your pots between the sink and stove. 
  4. Aid to a Small Sink. Pot fillers are great for filling pots that may not fit in your kitchen sink.

A pot filler is something that has to be planned for. They can be wall mounted or deck mounted. This decision needs to be made in advance so your plumber can run the water lines appropriately. We carry brands from ALFI,, Elkay, and Kingston Brass pot fillers. Call our experts at 855-827-3700 or live chat. Allow our design experts to help you pick out the best pot filler faucet available for sale for your new kitchen!