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Shower Sets & Systems

Shower sets include shower faucets/showerheads as well as separate controls and other additional options such as handheld wands that are used for cleaning specific, tough to reach areas. They can add immense practicality while offering a stylish look that is sure to complete any bathroom or ensuite space.

 At Direct Sinks, we offer a vast array of shower sets to choose from and each has different functions to suit your bathing style. Slide bar showerheads are a great way to offer support for individuals of different heights, and handheld showerheads can help to get the job done whether you’re washing yourself or if you’re helping children or pets. We offer black, brass, bronze, nickel, and chrome options that will match any style and tie your shower into the rest of your space.

 We carry the top name brands for shower sets including Dawn Kitchen & Bath Products, Huntington Brass, and Kingston Brass, and are ready to help you place your order. Contact our team today either by phone or live chat and purchase your new shower sets today.