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Cabinet Storage & Organization

Combat clutter and create more effect kitchen storage with Directsinks’ cabinet storage and organization options. Our carefully selected products specialize in kitchen decluttering and storage solutions for your spices, trays, can, ipads, cleaners, and even your wine!

Looking for a way to keep your kitchen drawers neat? Prevent silverware and spices from running amuck with our selection of cutlery drawer inserts and spice organizers. Specified by measurement to fit your drawer space, they are the solution to keeping order in spaces that have a ton of moving pieces.

Organize your wine collection and create an alluring focal point in your kitchen with one of our wine bottle racks or lattices from Wine Logic or Hardware Resources.

Still not sure what the perfect cabinet organizer is for your kitchen? Contact one of our experts through our online chat or give us a call at 855-827-3700.

  • Pull Down Spice Rack-DirectSinks
    Pull Down Spice Rack-DirectSinks
    Sold out

    Pull Down Spice Rack

    Original Price $239.00
    Current Price $136.20

    Looking for a convenient solution to hard-to-reach spice containers? This two-tiered, chrome pull down spice rack frees up space in wall cabinets w...

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  • 36" x 36" Wine Lattice Rack | WR36MP
    Hardware Resources

    36" x 36" Wine Lattice Rack

    Original Price $153.29
    Current Price $137.96

    Store your wine bottles in classic sophistication with cut-to-size wood wine bottle lattice. Solid wood lattice ships pre-sanded and ready to stain...

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