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Every company is dying to come out with the next new trend. Currently it seems LED lights in the kitchen and bathroom industry is it. From shower doors, to faucets, LED lighting is making a splash (pun definitely intended).

Most of the faucets, tub fillers and showerheads that come with the LED lights have a censor that distinguishes the temperature of the water. For example, Dawn Kitchen and Bath Products have shower heads and handheld shower heads that will shine blue when the water is cold and red when the water is hot. Now this may not be a necessity, but it is definitely cool! One of our customers, Bonnie from Florida, wrote in to tell us that these LED lights allow her to know when her shower has heated up to the correct temperature based on the light it’s giving off. No more getting iced out of your wonderful shower experience any longer. Another perk of these lights are for those midnight drinkers. Nothing is worse then turning on a bright light after you were just fast asleep. Next time you need that glass of water in the middle of the night, just use your LED faucet for a nice soft glow to show you the way into the cup.

Now, don’t be totally bummed if you’re faucets and showerheads aren’t as cool as ours. There is a company out there that actually sells the pieces to make any faucet glow. I’ve seen them in the “Kitchen Tech” section on But we all know you can find basically anything on Amazon.

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