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Low Cost Swaps to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home-DirectSinks

Low Cost Swaps to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

     We have a couple renters here at, over lunch we put our heads together and decided to make a list of low cost swaps that help make your place feel like home. We aren’t saying dump money into a no-return rental, but we are saying, love where you live!

Floor Treatment

So we have all agreed, it's little things that can make an impact, but sometimes a bigger thing can make a gigantic impact like an area rug for example. It’s really worth it to splurge on your rug, if you make a good investment your rug can last more than a few years, and a neutral colored rug can be used in any future rentals even if you change layout and styles.

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A huge case can be made for switching out your shower heads and faucets. Water pressure is important, and even more so if you are footing the water bill, you want to be content with what you pay for. For a one time investment, switching out your shower head and or bathroom and kitchen faucet would be a long term return, and additionally, you can take them with you when you lease for your next place, replacing it back with the rental ones. 

Check out these cost friend and chic options for kitchen faucets, here for bathroom faucets, and here for shower heads.


Light Her Up! 

Light gives a space a sense of openess. You wouldn't want to live in a place with poor lighting, or poor light fixtures for that matter! We suggest putting a little money in to get a whole lot of visual space back. Something like this could do the trick! If that is just not something you feel comfortable doing, you can always switch to those trendy eclectic bulbs that have the power to give your bedroom that romantic lighting you've always strove for. Another easy apartment update is replacing those dirty and paint splattered light switch plates, and swapping them out with some new jazzy and eye catching ones. 

 Knobs and bars

As you may have guessed we would suggest, switching out your cabinet hardware is a quick and cost effective way to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, an often over looked change that really makes a different, you can switch out your towel bar and toilet paper holder as well for a nice updated, clean look.



Feel free to email us with any other ideas we haven't mentioned, we would love to hear them! Thanks for reading and check back soon for more fun content. 


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