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Cabinet Door Hinges

Cabinet door hinges keep your cabinet doors from sagging and falling off, and a set of heavy-duty hinges is especially important for frequently-used cabinets in spaces like your kitchens bathroom. There are lots of different types of hinges for both face frame and frameless cabinets, including soft close hinges, inset hinges, and European cabinet hinges.

Both traditional hinges and “Euro-style” hinges may be used depending on the type of cabinet and your preferences. There are also a variety of cabinet door hinge styles to choose from like concealed hinges that are invisible, semi-concealed hinges, and exposed hinges. At Direct Sinks, we’ve got everything you need – with a full range of hinges to support cabinet doors of any style, type or weight.

A new set of cabinet door hinges can prevent sagging, eliminate squeaking, and provide new life to your existing cabinet doors – or partner perfectly with a brand-new set of cabinet doors during a kitchen or bathroom renovation.

We offer cabinet door hinges from leading brands like Jako Hardware and Hardware Resources, including compact hinges, Euro-style hinges, mounting plates, and specialty hinges. No matter the job, you can find the right type of cabinet hinge at Direct Sinks.

Shop below to find the best cabinet door hinge to complete your next project. Have questions or need help choosing the right cabinet hardware? We can help with that. Give Direct Sinks a call at 855-827-3700 or use the live chat feature on our website to speak to a team member and get the assistance you need as you shop.

Currently the most common  choice for a new kitchen sink is the single bowl undermount. 

In the past decade, Solid Surface counter tops, such as Quartz, Granite, and other various stones, have become closely priced compared to laminate tops. When offered an option between a laminate top and a similarly priced solid top like quartz, most people choose the latter.  

With a solid surface top you now can use an undermount sink. 

Most new Kitchens are designed with using a "sink base cabinet". This can be a corner base ( commonly 30", 36", or 42"), or a linear sink base that measures 24". 27", 30", 33" or 36". Larger and smaller options exists, but they are not common. 

 With this information, now lets look at the single bowl and double bowl sink options. Single bowl options are available from as narrow as 10" wide, all the way to 57" wide - and larger. However, double bowl sinks generally start around 30" wide, and are common at 32"-33" wide, 

Simply stated, More sink options exist for a much larger demand of cabinet sizes.