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Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

What is a double vanity? A double vanity is a vanity that has two sinks. To be able to hold two sinks, these vanities tend to be 60" or larger. Double vanities are popular within today's sizable master bathroom renovations or for jack-and-jill bathrooms. Are double vanities worth it? Some married couples say they feel more like grownups, and less like annoyed siblings now that they have their own sink and mirror.  But before you place your order, be sure you measure your space to make sure your room can handle a large double vanity, and consider how much counter top space you need for all your rituals. 

You will find both double vanity cabinets only and double vanities with tops aka vanity sets in this collection.  Be sure to read the product description to see what is included. Of course, if you have any questions, we are here to help!

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