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Drop In Bathroom Sinks

When you install a drop-in sink in your bathroom you choose a sink that will drop directly into the existing countertop, covering the hole left for the sink completely. The sink provides its own rim, and the lip holds it in place. All areas of the sink are completely visible, which can make for easier cleaning and maintenance, especially if you have struggled with those challenges in the past. Drop-in sinks make for easy installation, especially if you're taking on a DIY project or repair. They remain the most common type of sink in most kitchens but have also gained popularity as a bathroom sink option, as well. 

Drop-in sinks come in a range of sizes and shapes. If you're installing a sink in an existing space, you'll need to choose a shape and size suited to the existing cutout. In some countertops, however, you may need to cut your own space for the sink. At DirectSinks, we offer a variety of brands to choose from, including Kingston Brass, Lenova, Eden Bath, Elkay, and more. Need help choosing the right drop-in sink for your kitchen needs? Contact us today to speak with one of our kitchen sink experts. We will connect with you over the phone or via live chat to address your questions and help you find the perfect kitchen sink solution.