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Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

Pedestal bathroom sinks are ideal for adding class and elegance to a small bathroom. A smaller footprint saves a generous amount of space. The pedestal does not support the weight of the sink, which leads to greater creative freedom in design. Styles can be easily mixed and matched because the pedestal and sink come in two separate pieces.

Our pedestal bathroom sinks and consoles are sturdy, fashionable, and practical. They are easy to install with access to hook straight to plumbing lines making it an ideal project to add value to your home.  Our unique bathroom vanity designs ensure that your bathroom will be exactly the way you had envisioned. We have styles that fit every taste and budget from trusted brands such as KRAUS, D'Vontz, Lenova, ALFI accessories, and many more.

With so many choices and options available, we have qualified experts that can help you find exactly what you are looking for in quality, price, and style. Call us directly or use our live chat feature; we are happy to help!