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Kraus Kitchen Faucets with Two-Tone Finish

First, Let's clear the air... No Rules exist regarding matching your cabinet hardware to your faucet. Furthermore, you do not have to match a faucet, appliance, hardware, lighting, etc.

We are asked about this often.  Our small guide, or advice is simple:

Hardware should match itself, in some form.

Now, this can match finish or series. For example, if you have a white kitchen and blue island. Black hardware looks nice on the white cabinets, and gold or brass tone hardware looks nice on blue cabinets. In this situation, having two finishes of the same hardware will keep it all looking "correct" to the eye.   

Aesthetically. appliances should match, ideally, within themselves.

 If you have the means to, and are getting new appliances, stay within the same brand and series. This will keep visual flow to the appliances.  If not, the non-match will, or, can visually stand out. Appliances within a series will often have consistent design characteristics. 

Exceptions exist with purpose. A stove in mint green from the 1920's could look awesome regardless of other finishes.... but, like the hardware mentioned above, it should match in some form. Consider the idea of renovating a home,  making it modern with bright and angular features. The mint green stove from the prior example does not belong there. It would look mismatched to the entirety of the home at that point, right? If the home being renovated had characteristics of the same design period as the stove, it would help maintain the character. 

However, No Rules Exist.  Use hardware you want. Appliances that work and are safe, and Lighting that works. If you want all of these elements to match, or want as much of it to match as possible,  we have Two-Tone, or Two Finish Faucets from Kraus.  

Having a faucet with two finishes could create a visual connection between two finishes in other areas.  Black hardware on white cabinets and gold hardware on blue cabinets? Sure, Check out Black and Gold Faucets, like this one. Or, for example, you love chrome, but a stainless sink and chrome hardware might bother you? Check out this faucet to tie the two finishes together.