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Why purchase from us? A message from the family.


  We sell product that dozens of companies sell. Some of our manufactures will even sell direct to you (but at a higher price). We do not have any product that is unique to us. Because of this, we truly appreciate that you, our customer, are on our website.  

One thing we can do is offer service and expertise. All things being equal, we will do better for you compared to any other company out there. That doesn't mean our product is less expensive, it means that we will ensure that your expectations are exceeded. Choosing a sink, faucet, hardware, or anything for the home is not straight forward. The variables are many: Cabinet size, materials, existing usage, ergonomics, and more.  If you call and speak to us on the phone, we will strive to ensure what you pick is right for you.  It's fine If you shop on your own without assistance, but if you need clarification about your product later, or found you might need something different, we will try to get it straight for you. 

Renovating the Kitchen or Bathroom, or any part of your home is stressful. We know. We come from a construction background of home building, cabinet making, kitchen and bath design, and even real estate sales.  We also have lived in renovation and work with contractors, builders, and counter top fabricators daily from our parent company, DirectCabinets. This gives us quite an advantage over the mega online companies and local box stores.  Lastly, if you call us, we are not on commission or sales quotas. We are a small family business in N.Y. and simply want do our part to reduce your stress during your project. 

Sincerely and with appreciation,

Joe and Karly and the rest of the fam.