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6 Key Benefits of an Off Center Sink Drain-DirectSinks

6 Key Benefits of an Off Center Sink Drain

Did you ever notice the drain location of the kitchen sinks on the market?  The majority of them are either right in the middle of the sink, or the rear center.  This design was used by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Don't you think we live a little differently than they did?  Yeah.  I'd go with things have changed over the years.  And yet, the center sink drain has stayed "popular."  Well, I'm here to introduce you to a new idea- the off center sink drain.  Now, I know this comes as a shock to all kitchen sink conformists.  But I'm willing to take the time to try and swing you off center.

Let's get this show on the road!  Here are 6 Key Benefits of an Off Center Sink Drain.

1. You will be able to place everything you wash at the bottom of the sink without covering the drain! When you have a center sink drain,  I'm sure you are using two methods to clean your dishes.  One- you are angling your pans out of the sink, and are "spin" cleaning them.  You know the drill.  Wash the top of the pan, rotate it 180 degrees, so that soapy section is being rinsed while you are washing the other half.  And repeat.  Now wipe up those puddles you just made on your counter top.  Not to mention your wet shirt.  OR, you may be able to lay the pan flat at the bottom, keeping the mixture of soapy, dirty water sloshing around the sink, since you're blocking the drain opening.  The is especially true if you are one of those people that don't "believe" in bottom grids.  [here's why you should rethink that philosophy]. Also, be aware of the added stress and pressure you are applying to the drain while scrubbing those pots. Overtime, this may do some damage.  In which, you may want this sink base tray, to help protect that cabinet from leaks.

Dawn DSQ2417 2. It's the best of both worlds!  You can use an off center drain sink LIKE a double bowl sink, WITHOUT it being a double bowl sink!  Let me explain.  A properly designed kitchen sink will allow you to wash and do food prep on one side, all while keeping those dirty bowls & dishes off to the side (without a center divider taking 2"+ of usable space away).  Some even have really cool custom accessories, like this one from Dawn

3. Gives you more access to cabinet space/storage! Take a peek into a sink cabinet cabinet that holds a sink with a center drain.  Notice the monstrosity smack center of the cabinet?  Plumbing.  Ugh.  That leaves you a little storage to the left, and a little to the right.  But what if you'd like to put your trash bin inside this cabinet? Or what if you simply want more storage?  I mean you, did spend good money on that cabinet.  And you're only going to put Windex & a bottle of dish soap under there?  Come on!  I'm sure you have tons of cleaning supplies you'd like to keep all in one spot.  The answer?  An Off Center Sink Drain.

ELKAY Crosstown 4. Room for Your Garbage Disposal. Although this reason may piggy back on reason number three, it is just too important to clump with your trash & glass cleaner.  Garbage disposals are still used by a mass amount of people.  [They do have their benefits]. So it is important to articulate that if you are a garbage disposal user, you really, really should consider an off center sink drain....just for the space mentioned in reason #3.

Dawn DSU3118 Kitchen Sink with Off Set Drain

5.  Off set your non symmetrical sink area.  Now this might not benefit EVERYONE, but it benefited me.  So, I'm sure I'm not alone.  This was my issue.  In my kitchen design, my sink base was not exactly centered with my casement window.  [No. This was not my kitchen designers fault.  Because I was the designer.  And I wanted specific appliances and cabinets in specific places, causing my sink base to be 3/8" of an inch off-center to the window].  To keep the eye from picking this up, I choose a sink with an off center sink drain.  This allowed me to put my faucet dead center to the window, hiding the fact that everything wasn't dead center.

KRAUS FORTEZA™ 32" UNDERMOUNT SINGLE BOWL GRANITE KITCHEN SINK IN GREY6. Stopping conformity with a truly unique, better functioning design. No one likes showing up to a party, and realizing you have the same outfit on as another guest. Especially if it looks better on them.  I don't want to have the same sink as my neighbor for that reason. Especially if they have the quartz I couldn't afford. Sorry.  If I'm going to invest in remodeling my kitchen and/or counter tops.  I'm going to be putting in a sexy ass sink.  It is the most used appliance in the kitchen.  And you'll be living with it until the next reno. Which is in what?; 30 or so years.  It's a big decision.  Luckily you have DirectSinks here to help you along the way.

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 (If you don't see what you are looking for, be sure to Chat with us on our Live Chat.  We would be happy to find a sink that meets your requirements).

O.K. Conformists.  You've reach the end of my spiel.  Tell me in the comments.  Was I able to swing you off center?

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