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5 Tips to Help Paint your Front Door

5 Tips to Help Paint your Front Door

It's no secret that painting your front door is a quick and affordable home update. Painting the door has the ability to enhance your curb appeal. We find more and more people choosing bold, exciting colors for their front doors; by complimenting or accenting the overall look of the home. Front doors take a lot of abuse! Abuse being precipitation, wind, sunrays, damage from dogs, or its just good ol' wear and tear. When it's your doors turn to get a facelift for whatever reason- cosmetic or necessity- don't spend hundred of dollars on a new door.  Instead, read these 5 Tips to help you paint your front door, by our guest writer Omega Industries (Your Dallas based commercial & industrial painting service).  

1.)  Removing old paint and varnish off different types of doors.

Whether you are painting a new or old door it is important to prep your surface. The first step is to take all of your hardware off so it is out of the way. To get your front door looking like a commercial painters job you will need to make sure there are no imperfections on your base, or it will show through your finished product. There are different ways to get the old paint off your door. One way to take off varnish is to use heaters. With this technique you can use it to heat the surface on a high temperature and it will slowly lift the old varnish. Once you got it to that point you can use a scraper and scrape it off. The only downside to this technique is you can risk charring the wood, and the fumes can be intense. Another way is to use chemical strippers that can be in the form of gels, pastes and liquids. This technique can be very slow and messy, you may have to do it a few times depending on how thick of paint and varnish you have on there. Another way is to use a sander, this will help grind all the paint off, but it gets dusty. This technique could be a lot quicker for doors that are smooth and don’t have much detail.


2.)  If you are prepping a wooden door you will need to sand and smooth the grain.

Sanding an old door is a good tip before applying any kind of paint. Because this technique will make sure your surface is nice and smooth for your application. Sanding can also make your door look brand new, if you like how the door looks maybe all you need is a coat of gloss. But most of the time if the door has already been painted there is a big percentage that your door is already permanently stained. You will want to make sure to sand out all imperfections and rough areas or it will show through the finish. You will need to use a medium grit sandpaper to sand off all the paint. Once you have sanded it all off use a small grit sandpaper to smooth it out, going with the grain. If your door has cracks just use some caulk to fill it, once dry sand over it to smooth it out.   


3.)   Primer is an absolute step for painting your front door.

Commercial painters suggests using primer because it helps the finish last longer by bonding to the both surface and paint. It also helps the paint last for over 10 years, and ensures the paint applies evenly. There are 2 types on primer you can use on your door depending on the surface. Those two types can be oil-based and water based (latex). These two primers are durable and stick the best to wood and metal. It is sure to work well against weather and high trafficked areas. Commercial painters suggest to take your door off the hinges and lay it flat on one side. You can still paint you door on the hinges but you may risk the paint to drip. When applying your paint you will want to keep in mind that you should paint in the shade. Painting in direct sunlight can cause the paint to dry too quickly, it will also create lines in your paint. If you have windows you should put plastic and tape over it to avoid getting paint on your glass. When applying your primer you will need to have an angled stiff brush, and a small roller. Paint your beveled edges andl the hard to get details with the angled brush. Flat surfaces you will want to use your roller brush because it lays the paint on smooth. MAke sure you don’t apply too much that can cause to paint to drip. It is important to let the paint completely dry before flipping it over to do the other side. 

4.)   Pick a finish that makes your door stand out for better curb appeal.

Painting your door that is a nice pop of color has been popular and a very desired look. It’s almost like painting an accent wall but for the exterior of your house. Giving your front door a brighter look will steal all the attention and gravitate a welcoming vibe. Commercial painters suggest when picking a color make sure to get swatches and check a few times throughout the day with the color and lighting. The paint may look different at different parts of the day because the sun is constantly moving.


5.)  Getting the right kind of finish for your front door.  

You have picked out the perfect color out for your front door, now you have to make sure that is either oil based or latex exterior paint. These two different kind of paint will ensure that it goes well with your primer and will last years. The more gloss the more durable your paint will stay on against weather, dirt and damage. You will want to apply the finish the same way you applied the primer. Using an angle brush getting the detail, then use a roller brush for the flat areas. When you are done painting one side, make sure it is completely dry before flipping it over. 

Using some of these tips for your front door for help get the results look exactly like the professionals do it. If at any point you get tired or it is not looking how you want, I suggest hiring a professional. They have the tools to get your front door looking like it just came out of the factory. They can get your door dipped and ready in one day. Painting your front door is the most cheapest to remodel than anything in your home. Using this information will ensure you save lots of money and get the best quality.


And don't forget the finishing touches! 

Every new paint job deserves new hardware. Be sure to browse our collection of House Numbers and Door Accessories to find the perfect door knocker, door bell, house numbers and letters to enhance your brand new curb appeal! 


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