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Biggest Sink for a Corner Sink Base Cabinet-DirectSinks

Biggest Sink for a Corner Sink Base Cabinet

Finding the largest sink to fit a corner kitchen sink base cabinet is one of the most common scenarios we assist our clients with.  We have written a few blogs about this particular hunt before. In fact, one of the most visited pages on our entire website is our blog post entitled  "The Biggest Sink Possible for a 24" Sink Base Cabinet"  

But what if you are looking for the biggest sink for a CORNER sink base cabinet? How do the angles work to affect the placement of the bowl? There doesn't seem to be a lot of information on this on the internet. You may have come across conflicting advice.  This is probably because there isn't SET / STANDARD measurements counter top fabricators use when installing corner kitchen sinks. But let's make this as simple as we can. 

Here is the easy answer.   Simply treat the corner base as a standard 24" cabinet. Find a sink that has an overall dimension no more than 23". 

sink for corner sink base cabinet


Consider this; Often, Not always, the sink will be set back 3" from the front frame of the cabinet.  Now, three inches back, the left to right spacing is approximately 22" between the cabinet walls. This measurement is pretty much what is expected in a 24" sink base in a straight bank of cabinet.

sink in corner sink base cabinet

  A larger corner kitchen sink can fit, but this will cause you to set the sink back further. 3/4" - 1" may not seem like a lot, but it results in you leaning further to work at the sink. Also, the faucet will be mounted further back too.  This statement is also not always true. Cabinets can be modified (Cut to fit) on site depending on the material and what is to the left and right of the cabinet.  

too big of a sink in a corner sink base cabinet

Ergonomically speaking, Corner kitchen sink base cabinets are not ideal.  Typically a kitchen will be designed with a sink base in a run of cabinets, not in a corner. One of the main reasons to not have a corner sink base is how people tend to use the kitchen when at the sink.  Most of the time there are two activities at the sink; cleaning dishes/ rinsing and placing in a dishwasher... or washing hands. Picture this, you are at a corner sink and a dishwasher is to the left or right. This means you are stuck in a corner with the dishwasher door somewhat behind you. Its not very user friendly. 

corner sink base cabinets are not THAT bad


Some reasons to have a corner base are:

Space - When designing a kitchen, every inch counts. Stock cabinetry come in 3" increments- 21", 24", 27", 30" and so on. The space available in your kitchen, especially trying to include all the necessary appliances and updates you'd like to have, may force the design to have a corner sink base cabinet. 

Pre-existing - Perhaps you are just changing your counter top and need a sink in a home you recently moved into, and that home happened to have an existing corner kitchen sink base cabinet. In other words, the corner base was inherited by you. 

Cost Saving - Regarding new kitchen design, a corner can be equipped with a "Super Susan". This is a corner cabinet with a double hinge door and two shelves. On the shelves are round "Pac Man" shaped spinning shelves. This allows you to use the space and not have to reach far back into the cabinet. These are upgrades to standard "Blind corners," and can get expensive...Sink Base cabinets are not. In fact, they tend to be the cheapest cabinet in a kitchen. So builders and flippers may choose to opt for a cheaper option for the corner of a kitchen. 

Another "Silver Lining" to the corner sink base sink is to have the option of a centered faucet in a "D" shaped sink. Allow me explain why this is not the norm when mounting a "D" sink in a standard cabinet.  The "D" shaped sink is deeper front to back, typically 21", compared to a rectangle sink, which is typically 18". When using a "D" In a standard 24" depth cabinet the faucet can only be mounted on the left or right side of the furthest point to the "D" curve. This forced faucet placement does not exist from space restrictions in a corner cabinet. However, if you mount a faucet at the apex of a "D" sink in a corner cabinet, you will have a further reach to operate the faucet. 


Standard Faucet Mounting

Above: Standard faucet placement for a "D" sink. 

 Corner Base Option

Above: Optional faucet placement in a corner sink base with a "D" sink.


If you want to find out more information about the biggest sink for a corner sink base cabinet, allow our experts at DirectSinks to assist you. We can help you find your perfect corner kitchen sink. Live Chat or call us at 855-827-3700 or shop our selection of kitchen sinks for sale at

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