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Bolden the Bold: One Sexy Faucet

Bolden the Bold: One Sexy Faucet

Can a faucet be sexy?  Because if it can, then the Bolden Faucet by KRAUS is THE sexiest. Now I know that is a bold statement. What can possibly make a faucet so goddamn sexy?  Well I'll tell you... Come on. You know you want to read more.

Kraus Bolden Faucet from

 Bolden the Bold: Features Like No Other

  1. Have you noticed its commercial design?  The Bolden Faucet By Kraus has the industrial-style open spring spout that copies the commercial kitchen faucets which is so HOT right now.
  2. It's 18" tall.  Size matters. Don't let anyone tell you different; Especially when it comes to the height of the faucet. This bad boy is compact. It stands at an 18-inch height, so it can fit underneath almost any kitchen cabinet.  It's also perfect for those who can only get a small sink, but want a commercial looking faucet. Most commercial faucets out there are SO tall, which looks SO silly used with a small sink. Try and find another commercial faucet that is this compact.  I'll save you the trouble. You can't.
  3. It has a retractable 20" hose. [giggity].  Most of the industrial style faucets on the market are just pull down.  Which mean, the amount of hose you see above the counter is what you get.  Well the Bolden isn't JUST a shower, it's a grower too. The Bolden hides it's long retractable hose below counter.  So when you need superior maneuverability to spray here and there, the Bolden is there for ya babe!
  4. Rocker Switch. That's right. The Bolden is into Classic Rock. It's dual function sprayer can be rocked from splash-free aerated stream to powerful spray in a snap. And the stream will stay on until you rock it back, or shut the faucet off.  Rock on!
  5. Yadda Yadda. It has all those other great features that come with the Kraus name.  Like...... Heavy duty lead-free brass construction, best-in-industry ceramic cartridge, corrosion & rust resistant finish, Swivel(bility?) of 180 degrees, Eco-Friendly water-saving aerator, Installation Read with pre-attached 22" waterlines & mounting hardware and the good 'ole Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  6. Matte Freakin' Black. Just when you think nothing can be sexier than black, in enters his cousin- Matte. Matte Black. Not only is the Bolden available complete in matte black, but they have a two tone options mixing the Matte Black with Stainless Steel and a Shiny Black. These combinations are badass. 

Kraus Bolden Faucet Features

Finish Options for KRAUS Bolden Kitchen Faucet, KPF-1610

Features of the KRAUS BOLDEN Kitchen Faucet

If you still aren't convinced, watch Kenya, our KRAUS rep, do a complete demonstration for you. In this video, you will see everything included with the purchase of a KRAUS Bolden faucet, and witness the faucet in action. ⬇️

So. This faucet is pretty darn sexy. Am I right?!  Don't forget coupon code: KRAUSFIVE at check out, to save an additional 5% off. Mama always loves a good coupon.

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