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  • Bolden the Bold: One Sexy Faucet
    November 22, 2019 Karly Labruzzo

    Bolden the Bold: One Sexy Faucet

    Can a faucet be sexy?  Because if it can, then the KRAUS Bolden Faucet is THE sexiest. Now I know that is a bold statement. What can possibly make a faucet so goddamn sexy?  Well I'll tell you... Come on. You know you want to read more.
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  • 2018 Trend Predictions-DirectSinks
    March 14, 2018 Ali Moran

    2018 Trend Predictions

    People are coming out of their “grey-shells,” ready to take their projects by storm. Now, clean lines and minimalism will always be a classy and efficient way to go, however, for those of you ready to let it all hang out, take a look at these new bold industry strokes.
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