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2018 Trend Predictions-DirectSinks

2018 Trend Predictions

     This year stands to be the most outrageous trendsetting times for kitchens and bath re-modelers. People are coming out of their “grey-shells” ready to take their projects by storm. Now, clean lines and minimalism will always be a classy and efficient way to go, however, for those of you ready to let it all hang out, take a look below at some bold new strokes in the industry.



You wouldn’t believe it, black and white are back in the game baby! Black vanities with white tops, black hardware, black faucets even! You can’t go wrong with the simplicity and cleanliness of the two together. The ease of this style is often overlooked but I have a feeling 2018 is their year.

Statement Hoods

Because of all this open shelves nonsense (listen, they’re great if all your cups match) the kitchen has never looked so expansive! While the visual space is a welcome change from the closed in kitchen styles of the past, the trend now is to have a statement exhaust hood to really anchor your space.






Texture is a new biggie. If you aren’t ready to commit to those royal purple walls and red appliances, you can add your style and dimension through texture. You can add textures through backslashes and intricate ceramic floors or cabinets. Gone are the days of boring subway tile, and flat panels!


Mix and Match

We don’t have to worry about matching our belt to our shoes, so why do we need to worry about matching our bathroom design materials? Check out this Decolav vanity, representing mixed materials at its finest! 


Sassy Brass

The days of stainless and and chrome are not gone, but fading for fast. They will always be a go-to for standard style, but for those of us ready to strike gold, brass hardware is now a very stylish option. In fact hardware companies are even coming up with different shades of brass, you may have hears of rose gold, and french gold.





     2018 promises to be a time of intuition and imagination, I can't wait to see what beautiful spaces are created this season! Feel free to share about your favorite space in the comments section. You could be starting the next trend. 

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