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UH OH RENO - Bathroom Update Guide-DirectSinks

UH OH RENO - Bathroom Update Guide



     I have been gathering information regarding bathroom remodels. My main conclusion is it’s EXCITING! Yes, that’s an obvious conclusion. There can be nothing more enthralling than finally getting rid of that Pepto-Bismol pink tub and ripping out those dated floral accent tiles.


                     Above is a little general info-graph I plucked off Pinterest.
     Nail down your budget and layout before going crazy on high cost fixture picks. Are you keeping the plumbing exactly where it is now? Do you want to add an additional sink because you are tired of those pesky hairs of your partner's, or adding addition counter space for your extensive fragrance collection? Think of the reasons why you expressly need that remodel other than “it’s outdated”.           Though we all hate the term "budget" because that implies restriction, it's a blessing in disguise. You will have money set aside already for those important bathroom finds you dream about and won't have to make a trip to the bank later. Also, budgeting means sometimes you can come under that number! With the extra you can always add a spa-like luxury, like these towel warmers. 



     Great, you got your vision together. Most people have a look in mind, a warm tone, a bright open airy plan, modern flare. If you are someone who has a hard time bringing their vision together in their mind, try opting for those vanities that come with counter tops already to avoid color conflict or consult Pintrest...ALOT. Some vanities have matching towel pantries for added storage space, remember to keep the wood tones the same but don't be afraid to step out side your comfort zone to mix metals and woods, the outcome is often a beautiful contrast.       


Budget is key; don’t become overwhelmed with your options. Most of the time buying whatever you love may not match well with what has to stay. For example if you are budgeting for new trim and shower doors but opted out of replacing that brass faucet and tub filler, make sure your hardware is brass to match. Now don’t give me that face, brass is making quite a comeback! Don’t believe me? Check out these beautiful modern pulls.




     Lastly, if you are doing the planning and the buying, make sure you do the measuring. Before you click that glorious check out button, make sure you measured your cabinet to see if the sink is going to fit and check all return policies before buying. If you are opting for a vessel sink, make a note to purchase a vessel sink faucet. Another quick tip; if your faucet does not come with a corresponding drain, make sure to purchase the right drain for your sink. If you do not have an overflow, you want a drain without overflow, and vice versa to prevent leaks.



That’s all there is to it! Sticking to these loose guidelines should be a piece of cake, your dream update is only a couple of steps away.

Thanks for reading guys! 

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