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In January of 2013, Dawn Kitchen & Bath announced the release of a new accessory to add to their sink sets. The new accessory is called a drain mat, a stainless steel mat with rubber ends that were created to rest perfectly on the custom formed lip around the edge of Dawn sinks sets.

Many of Dawn’s sinks have accessories that were custom designed to fit the edges of select sinks such as; cutting boards, colanders, trays, drain boards, and now drain mats! DirectSinks has been selling Dawn Kitchen & Bath Products for years and we were very excited to hear that a new product was being added to the sink sets. It was concerning to us that there isn’t going to be much functionality out of this product and that it will just be another item we will have to store when not using. To see it for ourselves we placed an order for a DM118 (Fits into a DSU3118) to place on display in our long island showroom. The drain mat was delivered in a white compact box wearing the colors of the Dawn Kitchen & Bath. Not much package protection was placed in the box although it would be very difficult to damage the drain mats extremely sturdy Type 304 Stainless Steel.

Drain MatInside the box you will find plastic for protection along with the rolled up kitchen sink drain mat. Immediately after taking it out of the box we were impressed with the flexibility and construction, rolling it and unrolling it. The first thought that went through our minds was storage, with the flexibility and construction that is shown in the DM118 it proves very easy for storage measuring 2” wide and 15.5” long when rolled up. The next thought of concern would be functionality.

Would this product be useful or would it perform poorly in its one and only job? To test it out we spread the mat wide and placed it into our DSU3118 – fitting like a glove! The rubber feet placed along the edge of that mat grips the sink perfectly and allows it rest on the lip of the sink with no potential damage or scratching. The rubber feet also made it very sturdy and prone to slipping off the lip of the sink. Placing our hands on top of it and pushing all of our strength down, it proved extremely sturdy! The thick stainless steel bars and rubber feet allow the drain mat to handle large amounts of weight without the giving out and slipping into the sink.

You can see in the attached image that this product is a must have when owning a DSU3018, DSQ2417, DSQ2817, DSQ2917, DSQ301515, DSU3118, or SRU311710 – working together beautifully with its neighbor sink components.


UPDATE: Dawn has now come out with a universal size drain mat!  This drain mat is designed to be used with most sinks, bridging the sink from front to back, resting on the counter top (no custom built in ledge required!)  See this universal drain mat (DM001) in action below!


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