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If you are in or have been in the remodeling business, you know exactly how important a showroom could be. Especially in the kitchen and bath industry, where customers are looking to get tangible assurance, it’s important to have a showroom. When your product or service offers various different styles and colors, it can make the customers decision much more difficult when shopping. Being in the kitchen industry for over 16 years has taught us that there are two different types of customers. All consumers’ share the same thought process but the main differences are; customers who know what they want, and customers who don’t know what they want. What’s important to look at is the thought process! The customers that know what they want are able to shop quickly because they’ve seen what they want and know that it will satisfy them. Customers who don’t know what they want are having trouble because they haven’t been given enough resources and examples to see exactly what they want. This is where having a showroom makes our job easy! By providing your customer with a showroom full of all the resources they could imagine, it could make their purchases much quicker.

Increase your business to customer relations by creating a digital showroom.
Now some designers in the industry don't even need a physical showroom, they can create one online. They aren't just creating a showroom, they're creating a social showroom! Websites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Houzz allow members to create photo galleries for FREE. Keep in mind that these websites are social networks and have the potential to hit the viral wave and be reached out to millions of people. FOR FREE! Designers are uploading all of their past work and example projects to their galleries for customers and potential customers to browse in their own home. Just think…your customers can sit on their couch and visit your showroom at the same time. Of course this isn’t a solutions to all your problems for some industries because let’s face it, customers like to have a tangible connection with what they are about to buy. Even if that’s important in your industry, it’s always good to butter up your customers with knowledge before having them visit your physical showroom…give them the ability to prepare on their own time using a digital showroom!

Highly Suggested Digital Showroom Networks:

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