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Biggest sink for my cabinet - Help! "Under Mount Edition"

One of the most common questions we have is "What is the biggest sink I can fit into my cabinet?"

Before we dive into the options you have, I would like to point out something we have noticed that some people have overlooked. Furthermore, Lets also do a quick general run down about the counter top installation process for solid surfaces counter tops:

When you have a larger sink more counter top is cut out resulting in equally less counter top space.  Please keep this in mind when making your choice. Remember, just because you may have a 36" cabinet, does not mean you need to have the largest sink to fit in there.  Size does not always matter!  Know how you use your sink. What do you like about your current sink? What do you desire in your new sink?

  A quick run down of your counter top install and measurement process:

(Common method - may not apply to all fabricators)

The company and crew installing your counter top will be installing your sink. Most often they will require you to have a sink on the job site when they are measuring to template your counter top.  Typically, they will "test fit" the sink in the cabinet at this point.

Once everything is measured and good to proceed with, the fabricator will begin cutting your top at their shop. They will use the template that is included with the sink, or use an electronic file to cut the sink hole using a CNC machine.

Normally, they will dry fit the sink for measurement in the hole of the counter top before returning to your job site. They will normally not transfer a sink mounted, but mount the sink at the job site. (Our manufactures ship their sinks with mounting clips, please ask your fabricator if they are using them. Some fabricators glue sinks in. Using the clips is the best method for correct installation)

The fabricator will drill the holes for your faucet and any accessories like soap dispensers or instant hot water units during this process. Fabricators may do this step at various points of the install. Please make sure your accessories are available for them so they can drill the correct hole sizes. They will likely ask for your input on where your would like these items placed.

I would also like to point out something that we have learned about the sink installation styles and methods that impacts the choices you have.  I hope I don't confuse you here!  Please know that the sink cabinet sizing listed from the manufacturer and/or any seller is not an "end all".  Often a sink listed for a "33 inch" cabinet may work in a 30 inch cabinet. The best person to ask is the person installing the sink. The skill set and installation method of each fabricator varies wildly, this is one of the main factors contributing to the large buffer of space sink manufacturers suggest for the sink within a cabinet.

One last thing!   The size of sinks is measured as their over all size. Overall size is flange to flange (The mounting flange).  For example a 32" sink is 32" overall, with a bowl of approximately 30"

Please keep in mind - "The largest sink" will be a single bowl. I only included single bowl models in this thread. Live chat or call if you have questions about double bowls!

The hardest sink to shop for is for a 24" cabinet.  We spoke about that here Biggest sink for a 24" cabinet

Next size up in cabinet sizing is the 27" cabinet. Here you have a few more options to work with.  Generally speaking, the standard sinks for a 27" cabinet mirrors that of the 24" sinks. However, a few options open up.

Check these out:

Kraus KD1US25BKraus KD1US25B

Dawn ASU2316

Kraus KHU24L

Next Up is the 30" Cabinet. Here too, we have written about once before. I will give some options below. Feel free to check out the original post about the 30" cabinet: Sturdy Thirty 

The models below are the biggest to fit in a standard 30" cabinet. Check with your fabricator if they are too big to be mounted based on their installation methods!

Dawn XSR281610

Kraus KHU29


How about a 33" cabinet?

Please take a look below. Remember, you can use a sink for a smaller cabinet too!

Kraus KHU100-32

Kraus KHU32


Lastly - The 36" cabinet!

Obviously any sink from a smaller cabinet will work here too. Here are some cool options!

Dawn DSU3118 - LEDGE SINK!

Kraus Dex KD1US33B