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Choosing Cabinet Hardware

It's time to accessorize...your cabinets!  Just like completing the perfect outfit, hardware is used to enhance the style of your space.  After all, it is the jewelry of your cabinetry.  Before you start drilling holes in your cabinets, there are a few things to first consider:

  1. Knobs or Pulls?  Or maybe a combination of both.  There is no rule of thumb.  This is strictly based on your desires and taste.  When making your selection, you should consider the profile or your doors and drawer fronts.  Although you may love cup-pulls, your drawer front depth and space may not allow for it.  This will require you to pick a different handle or knob for this space only, or for the entire room.  Again, it's your decision!
  2. Positioning- Again, there is no rule of thumb.  I'd suggest seeing what is comfortable for consistent use.  And then use your eye to make final choice.  If you have a mitered door, I would suggest not drilling with in or too close to the joint, because this may stress the joint and cause unnecessary damage.
  3. Finish- When selecting the finish for your hardware, use the rest of your room as your guide.  If you have stainless steel appliances, or brushed nickel appliances you may want to pick a finish closer that is similar.  Or, you can mix and match your finishes.  This has become quite popular.  Mix chrome with brushed nickel for a unique contrast.  The world is your oyster.
  4. Comfort- In our showroom, we tell our customers to grab and touch are hardware boards.  This is the only way to see what piece of hardware fits your hand, and what feels comfortable.  If you are more particular, you may want to visit your local kitchen and bath dealer first.  Or, you can see if the manufacturer has a sample program set up.


Sample Hardware Programs

So you find a piece of hardware that seems to meet all of your requirements. That's great!  Why haven't you ordered?  We understand it can be unnerving to checkout without seeing the hardware in person, feeling the quality, and getting to see it against your cabinets.  Here's where our hardware sample programs save the day! Most of the hardware manufacturers DirectSinks offers to their customers [the best customers on the planet] have sample hardware programs in place.  You can get a sample FOR FREE, you'd just have to pay shipping.  Sound the trumpets!  This is fantastic news.  Want more details?

Free Sample Hardware


berenson sample clipBerenson Hardware- FREE sample of any knob or handles up to 6" long! Just pay $4.99 shipping.  Comes with sample clip!  [maximum of 5]  
A complimentary sample clip ships with every Berenson sample request. This innovative clip allows you to slide hardware samples directly onto cabinets, giving you an early look at the final product before the commitment of drilling holes! Click Here to Download The Sample Clip Online Instructions



Top Knobs Hardware- FREE samples of any knob or handle up to 7" long! Just pay $4.99 shipping per unit. [maximum of 3 samples]


If ordering more than one sample, the additional samples must all be different part numbers. The samples will be shipped using USPS.



Jeffrey Alexander & Elements- FREE samples of any knob or handle up to 7" long. Just pay $4.99 shipping per unit.  [maximum of 3 samples]




Atlas Homewares- FREE samples of any knob or handle up to 7" long. Just pay $4.99 shipping per unit [maximum of 3 samples]

These samples are not returnable or refundable and will be shipped using USPS.


click here to purchase your free samples

All of these companies are great!  They have 97% of orders in stock, and normally ship the same day!  If you need any further assistance in choosing hardware, or purchasing a sample, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department.  We are here Monday through Friday 8:30-5pm EST waiting for your call!   Happy Accessorizing!