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Is a Vessel Sink Right For You?-DirectSinks

Is a Vessel Sink Right For You?

If you’ve been living your whole life wondering 'what’s the deal with vessel sinks!?', well you’re probably alone in that thought because not too many people think about it until they remodel, regardless, we made a post to see if a vessel sink is right for you.

Making it simple for you, we drew up a pros and cons list but first what is a vessel sink? It’s a classic sink design that dates back to when people used to wash their hands in a bucket that sat on top of the counter.  Many designers believe it is a poor trend that out stayed it’s welcome, but you have to hand it to those little basins, they can introduce quite a WOW factor in any bathroom.


Vessel sinks come with more options (some might not consider this a pro)

  • You have more choices as far as material, color, size, even mounting style (these bad boys can be installed partially recessed)

They take up less space!

  • Vessel sinks tend to take up less space than an under mount bathroom sink. Also because they can be made with glass, they take up less visual space as well. (A serious win for powder rooms or small apartment bathrooms)

Vessel sinks are easier to install.

  • Which means saving on install costs. On average with some youtube video consumption a homeowner is able to install a vessel sink with ease. These sinks don’t require caulk or wedging, just a small drain hole cut out. (Also easier to switch when you want to change it down the line)



Vessel sinks tend to splash more due to their design

  • (which can be side stepped if you purchase the right faucet for your sink, but still a fault worth noting)

They may be a bit harder to clean

  • The vessel sink will be sat on top of a mounting ring to stabilize the sink. There will be a small tight space around the base of your sink that may or may not drive you to insanity while trying to clean it.

Vessel Sinks are more exposed

  • Therefore they are damaged more easily by everyday use like scratches, chips or little hands grabbing onto the rim like Olympic gymnasts.



In conclusion, is a vessel sink advantageous? In the right setting sure! Are there set backs? Dang tootin’. We suggest following up with someone you know that has one and asking them how they like it before you commit.

Thanks for reading and best of luck on your project!

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