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Gold Faucet in a Kitchen

All About Gold Faucets & Gold Sinks - Kitchen Design with Gold Accents

I was watching the Netflix series "Grace and Franke" when I first noticed a gold sink.  Specifically, in Sol and Robert's kitchen. In a villa-style setting, it had subdued kitchen designs with gold accents. It had amazing looks!

Prior to the "Gold Awakening," I generically thought a gold faucet was bright,
polished, and dated. I imagined the bright brass basic doorknobs from my
childhood home and shivered in distaste.

Now that I have been further exposed to the new Gold trend, I am obsessed.

Gold Faucet in a Kitchen 

👀 Look at this picture. 👀 Seriously look. 👀

Let’s note the color pairing:

  • Black & Gold
  • White & Gold
  • Blue & Gold

All the colors work harmoniously. It has elegance yet is not aged. Looks clean,
but certainly not sparse. Overall, it looks inviting.

You are most likely here right now to shop, or at least attempt to.

Is it possible to get suggestions for gold kitchen sink options?

Let me make an essential point regarding gold faucet finishes. Manufacturers call the color something different. For example, one hardware company may call their finish " Champagne", while a similar, nearly identical finish, might be called "Brushed Gold" or "Brushed Bright Bronze." Of course, each manufacturer's process to finishing is unique in itself and will produce different shadings.

Do not drive yourself crazy trying to match a gold kitchen sink to other hardware.
Think about it; Often a faucet is front and center without any shadow casting
on it. They might be in front of a window or under overhead lighting.

On the other hand, your gold faucet hardware, especially on your base cabinets, is more likely to be shadowed. Another point to bring up, is that they have different backgrounds. The faucet is on a countertop, and the hardware is on cabinets. The color of these secondary pallets may affect how you see the gold tones. PLUS, mixing metals and finishes is quite the trend right now.

I have a suggestion. If you are really nervous to buy hardware and a faucet
hoping to match them, buy the faucet first. Once you have the faucet, then
order hardware samples and match to everything the best you can.
(Prior to drilling holes in cabinets and drawers for your gold faucet ).

We have created a collection of our favorite gold components.

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