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Kore™ series kitchen sinks

Kraus Kore™ Kitchen Sinks | Do More with Kraus Kore™ Workstation Sink

Kraus recently unveiled their Kore™ series kitchen sinks. 

This series of sinks is really special because it is a complete Kraus workstation sink within your kitchen.  You can do way more with Kraus Kore™ products. 

This is the ultimate sink for the modern home chef. Inspired by professional kitchens, the Kraus Kore™ Workstation Sink Series instantly transforms your kitchen sink into a full-service prep station. A versatile dual-mount design allows you to install this sink as a drop-in with any type of kitchen counter, with an extra-thick 4mm deck that sits flat against the countertop for a perfectly finished look. Packed with premium accessories such as the multi-purpose dish drying rack and bamboo cutting board, the ultra-functional design of the integrated ledge system allows you to wash and dry or chop and slice without losing an inch of counter space. Made with real 16-gauge stainless steel, this kitchen workstation is one of the toughest and most durable sinks on the market.  

The advanced modern look and culinary-inspired design is an instant upgrade to any home kitchen. Take the functionality of your kitchen sink to a whole new level with the Kraus Kore™ Workstation Sink Series and experience the Kraus difference. 

Kraus Kore ™ workstation sink


Features and Benefits of Kraus Kore™ Workstation Sink
  • Made with TRU16, the thickest stainless steel on the market, this ultra-durable sink is highly resistant to corrosion and dents
  • Chef's Kit: To make full use of your workstation sink the package includes a solid bamboo cutting board and a multi-purpose roll-up dish drying rack that allows you to rinse produce and drip-dry dishes right over the sink
  • Fully Insulated: Proprietary sound-dampening system with extra-thick pads and protective undercoating to absorb noise and vibration.
  • Drain Assembly with Cover:  Premium stainless steel drain assembly with strainer keeps debris out of the drainpipe. CapPro™ decorative drain cover conceals drain opening and garbage disposal for a seamless look.
  • No Damage Shipping: Kraus customizes their shipping packages to ensure your sink or components will arrive safely and without damage.
  • Offset Drain: Plumbing off to the side can help free up space under your cabinet. ( More benefits can be found in this post "6 Key Benefits of an Off Center Sink Drain")

See the full Kore Product Line 

DirectSinks and Kraus are both NY based distributors of high quality kitchen and bath products.  We enjoy matching clients to Kraus products because of the quality, warranty, customer service, and fast shipping. 

We brought in a Kraus Kore™ Workstation Sink for display in our showroom. If you are on Long Island in NY, and want to see Kraus product, give us a call 855-827-3700 to set up an appointment with our dedicated staff. We also have Kraus kitchen and Bath faucets, Pax zero radius, and a 30" Apron to see. 

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