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You know when you see a picture in a magazine or online, and you immediately think "THAT'S IT! THAT'S WHAT I WANT!"  Well our "Get the Look" part of our Blog is dedicated to recreating the looks & trends- maybe even for less! 


This Bathroom Edition of "Get the Look" is brought to you by Principle Design & Construction in Irvine, California. This company is full of master craftsmen, and passionate designers who are overall perfectionists.  They say their sole purpose is to deliver the “WOW” factor.  And will do whatever they need to do, to make that happen- simply because it's their passion.  Now take a look at this powder room!  They definitely got that WOW factor down, didn't they?

Principle used a lot of Native Trails' products in this powder room.  The vanity cabinet is one of my personal favorites- The Americana Vanity in the Whitewash Finish.  If this finish isn't for you, there are three other colors to choose from- Anvil (a dark, espresso color), Chestnut (an orange/brown), and Driftwood (looks like a beachy gray).

When dissecting this gorgeous powder room, there are so many elements to look at! For example, take a look at this sink! It's the Hana sink by Native Trails in the Brushed Nickel finish.  The counter top is Italian Carrara Marble.  Native Trails sells this too!  But you can probably find it at a local fabricator if you want it custom made, or if you like to buy local.

Other design elements that jump out at me is that mirror and that wall paper.  Now of course, you may just want to use this powder room for inspiration, and find your own elements to make it your own.  But if you're looking for something similar, I found this neat mirror at Overstock.  Or you may want a mirror that matches the vanity PERFECTLY!  Well, no look further than the Americana Mirror by Native Trails.

Native Trails Americana Mirror

Overstock Round Mirror

Finish off the room with a cool Moroccan, Geometric wallpaper, like this one by All+Modern, and then simply watch the jaws drop!

Darcy Pearl Wallpaper by Graham & Brown


More about Principle Design & Construction:  All their customer rave about their service. Be sure to check out their Houzz profile as well, and read all these beautiful 5 star reviews their customers are writing.  Photo Credit goes to Prima Studios.


That concludes our Bathroom Edition of "Get the Look!"  We'd love to hear what you think of this bathroom.  And if you happen to have one of these details in your home, you better be sharing a pic!