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HELP!! I need a sink tomorrow!-DirectSinks

HELP!! I need a sink tomorrow!

You wouldn’t believe how often we receive phone calls asking if we could rush kitchen sinks with a 3 day, 2 day, or even overnight delivery. Do you remember that feeling you had in the classroom…the professor reminded you that you have an assignment due the next day, so you end up frantically cramming a 4 week project into one night? Believe it or not, a lot of homeowners find themselves back in that very same position when renovating their kitchen. If you’re just getting started or aren’t familiar with a kitchen renovation, there are 4 main steps before your kitchen sink is installed:

  1. Your cabinets & appliances need to be fully installed. And I mean fully.  End panels, false doors, slide in ranges etc. When your fabricator comes to template, you're going to want all of these parts and pieces installed, because these effect dimensions, cuts, and overhang measurements.
  2. You've scheduled your template.  Fabricators are very busy people and have schedules to keep.  Make sure you get in their schedule so you are not without your kitchen longer than you have to be. 
  3. It's template day!  Your fabricator will come to template your counter top. Now if you opted for a farmhouse sink, this will NEED to be installed prior to their arrival.  But if you opted for a drop-in or under mount sink, you kind of still have some time.  Although they usually like to take the sink with them at install, you can get it to them later if need be. 
  4. The fabricator produces your top.  It is at this point the fabricator will need your sink in hand so they can cut and polished the sink hole exactly to the sink shape you've chosen and your reveal preference.  Now, if your fabricator has a CNC cutter, they can do this off of a special computer file called a "DXF" file of the sink... if you've really dropped the ball!

If you're being a good student, and planning and coordinating things for your project in advance, REMEMBER the kitchen is your most used appliance in the room.  Make sure you choose the size, material and function of your sink first (if it's that important to you) so your kitchen designer designs and orders you the correct size sink base cabinet to house your sink. 

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