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Today's Trends for Bathroom Sinks-DirectSinks

Today's Trends for Bathroom Sinks

If you’re looking to follow the trend when remodeling a bathroom, you’re in luck that you’ve found! Over the past few years we are beginning to see a wide variety of bathroom sinks. The materials used to construct the sink can range from porcelain, fireclay, glass, copper, stainless steel, stone, and even around the house objects that can be converted into a sink!

Porcelain Sinks

The most frequently purchased bathroom sink would be porcelain  due to its durability, longevity, and cost factor. Many home owners  follow the common trend of an undermount porcelain sink. The  white porcelain undermount has the versatility to look great under  almost any countertop. When thinking undermount bathroom sink,  the Kohler brand dominates the market offering the popular Caxton  2209 or Caxton 2210. However, clients have been choosing  competing brands that offer the same sinks with equivalent sizes at cheaper prices. Same color. Same size. Lower price! Visit to view our selection of undermount porcelain sinks to compete with the Kohler Caxton 2209 & 2210.

Glass Vessel Sinks
Are you looking to add some flavor to your bathroom with a trendy vessel sink? Glass vessel sinks are becoming more and more popular as each brand develops new designs to bring to the market. currently has 5 different manufacturers that offer a variety of glass vessel sinks, each brand having their own sense of style. Kraus, a leading glass vessel sink manufacturer, really strives to add a distinct characteristic to each of their glass vessel sinks by allowing the customer to add a matching waterfall faucet plate. Adding some spice or flavor to your bathroom can be done perfectly by adding a glass vessel sink with a waterfall faucet from Kraus.
Wells Sinkware is expecting to release a new line of glass vessel sinks in September of 2013, possibly including waterfall faucets to match the glass vessels. The new line of glass vessel sinks will be very similar to the previous; a change in factories will cause slight differences due to the manufacture process. Wells Sinkware is currently more favored for their line of stainless steel sinks and porcelain lavatory sinks, we are excited to see the company take a step forward in their Art Glass Vessel collection.


Copper Vessel Sinks
native trails copper sinkThe most up and coming trend that is starting to take over kitchens and bathrooms is done by adding copper accents. The reason that so many people love the look of copper vessel sinks is that they bring a certain old world charm to any room. Copper sinks are designed to look like old copper bowls that are being used as basins to catch water. Not only does a copper sink look enticing, they are actually very durable and won’t have those scratches that stick out like a sore thumb. When a copper sink is scratched you’ll notice the shiny copper that sticks out at first, but then you will begin to witness the unique copper oxidation feature. The surface of copper actually reacts with the oxygen and moisture in the air to create a layer of copper oxide which produces the natural red/brown color that you see. Due to the oxidation, each environment can cause a change in color for a copper sink. The longer that you own a copper sink, the more brown/red earthy color will grow on the surface. This can provide the illusion of the old world while still having the convenience of the new. One of the greatest benefits of copper vessel premier copper products vessel sinksinks is that the copper finished will not cultivate germs, which means less cleaning! Also, you wouldn't have to worry about the water sitting in the sink much like other sink materials. This is because copper will not rust and the water will not damage the copper, no matter how long it sits in the sink. Premiere Copper Products has a large selection of copper products to choose from, and by far our favorite selection of copper kitchen apron front sinks. Premiere Copper Products manufacturing process is finished by hand with a hand hammering technique to give the products an all-natural-rustic style.

Stone Vessel Sinks
With a large amount of homeowners looking to obtain a natural décor style in their home, stone vessel sinks have been an increasingly popular choice. With stone being a very strong material, it can be shaped into many different sculptures. You’ll begin to notice the variety of shapes that stone sinks will be available in. For example, on the images below you can see that a stone can be created from an old petrified piece of wood, or a natural river rock boulder, and even a pod shaped white marble vessel sink. Stone vessel sinks are available in a range of natural stone materials such as granite, marble, travertine, onyx, and more. Granite sinks and marble sinks in particular are becoming increasing popular due to their beautiful finish and polished luster.



Some people categorize stone vessel sinks to be very trendy and to be careful if installing into a home, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a stone vessel sink that you feel is outdated. It’s recommended to be installed in a business or in a public place, something that is unique and could possibly spark a conversation!


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