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I want to replace an American Standard 7172 Silhouette

We have been asked this dozens of times. Often it is after a home is recently purchased and things already got expensive, so remodeling the kitchen is out of the question.... But, you absolutely despise that sink. (We do too!), and you want to change it.    You do not have a lot of options, but we have some.


Need to swap American Standard Sink to something better looking

For reference, here are the specs to the American Standard 7172 Silhouette

If you have it undermounted, replacing the sink with a similar shape will not - I repeat, WILL NOT, be possible.  As you know the American Standard is a unique shape. 

If you have it top mounted or undermounted, your only option will be to replace it with a top mount sink. 

If you are not re-cutting the counter top,  I urge you to first have access to a professional who will be doing this change out. It may not be straight forward.  We do not want you to get your hopes up that you can swap the sink, then to find you can't.  Not to mention the time and stress to buy and return a sink that does not work. Bring the professional in, explain what you want and show the the specs of the sinks that could work.

If you are re-cutting your countertop,  I do not have undermount options. If want an undermount sink,  you will have to consider getting new counter tops. 

Here is a small list of sinks that can work if you are not going to re-cut the counter top:

Kraus KTM25, Specs
Dawn AST103, Specs

These sinks measure 25x22, overall. The bowls are approximately 21x16. Based on the measurements, these sinks can fit into the existing cut out.

If you are willing to cut the counter top on the left and right sides, you also should know the size of the cabinet you have. 

One size up from the standard drop in sinks listed above are these models:

Kraus Pax Drop-in
Kraus Small Radius Drop-in
Kraus Kore Workstation

We know this is frustrating! Let us know if you have any questions.

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