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“Blended with Black Onyx material which enhances the collection with the sophistication and elegance that today’s homeowners are yearning for at 20% less than the traditional stainless steel sinks.”

Kraus is one of the leading and revolutionizing brands in the kitchen and bathroom industry. Kraus is known for changing the conventional perception of plumbing fixtures from basic pieces of hardware to exciting centerpieces that promote luxury and relaxation. The brands inspiration is truly what separates them from the rest, drawing creative inspiration from a variety of disciplines outside of the kitchen & bathroom industry. The ingenuity behind Kraus has come to realize that today’s market is attracted to a luxurious black onyx finish combined with hardiness material of natural stone. After extensive market research, their newest inspiration added to their collection is now available!

Kraus topmount composite sink

Crafted from 80% natural granite, Kraus Granite Kitchen Sinks embodies the look, feel, and texture of natural stone. Blended with Black Onyx material which enhances the collection with the sophistication and elegance that today’s homeowners are yearning for. When designing a kitchen, it’s safe to say that 80% of homeowners are working around a tight budget. Considering a granite sink sometimes fly’s right out the window because it seems like it can break a budget. However, the highly praised ingenuity behind Kraus has been able to utilize their cutting-edge manufacturing machinery to produce a natural stone sink that they can offer 20% CHEAPER than their traditional stainless steel sinks. The use of composite kitchen sinks is growing rapidly, according to U.S. Department of Commerce statistics. Durability is key when considering a new kitchen sink, a thermal finishing process results in a tough, nonporous surface that is resistant to heat, chemicals, scratching, chipping, and discoloration that will stand up to a lifetime of use. One of the most concerning qualities of a stone sink is the cleanliness; however granite kitchen sinks provide a non-porous surface that’s hygienic and easy to clean.

By successfully bridging the gap between industrial era manufacturing and e-commerce technology, Kraus spans three continents to bring consumers elegant designs and superb quality in an economically and efficient fashion. After extensive logistics research, granite kitchen sinks are available to offer free shipping with sufficient packing materials to ensure that your granite sink arrives safely.

Leveraging a concise and efficient distribution network, Kraus operates with a state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning system that enables real-time communication between the customer service center and primary warehouse. As a result, our representatives have instant access to accurate technical information, immediate response from the shipping department and prompt fulfillment of our customers’ needs. By operating in such an effective logistical system, Kraus is able to dominate the market with design excellence and outstanding value.

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