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Your sink is the most used appliance in your kitchen.  With that said, it's safe to say that the cabinet that houses your sink, the sink base cabinet, is the most used and abused cabinet of them all!  [Well, maybe besides the trash cabinet!]  This cabinet is home to your plumbing, water, cleaning products and maybe even a garbage disposal.  Simply put, it is important!  What do we do to important aspects of life, that could cost a pretty penny if ever damaged?  We insure it: Life, health, automobiles, homes etc.  So why not buy a little insurance for your most important cabinet?

A sink base mat, drip tray or protective liner isn't a new concept.  Most cabinet companies offer them within their catalog.  You can do a simple search and buy a Rev-a-Shelf option on Amazon.  But these usually are plastic or rubber- ie not strong enough to hold water and transport it out of the cabinet.  But I've come across a better option.

How much water can the mat hold?

This stainless steel sink base tray by Dawn is made of 20 gauge 304 stainless steel (most likely the same steel that your kitchen sink is made of), which means it's thick, and durable.  All four sides has a 1" lip.  So, when spills and water leaks happen, not only will the bottom of the cabinet stay dry, this tray will hold up to 2 gallons, and be strong enough to hold the weight of the liquid.




Now, the only downside of this tray, is that you will not be able to use it with a sink base cabinet that has a center stile (see example below). Unless you install the tray prior to counter installation. If you decide to do this, please note that the tray will not be removable.

Is it available in different widths and depths?

Measure up your sink base cabinet.  Cabinets are usually standard sizes, unless you have custom cabinets.  The depth of a standard base cabinet is 24" deep.  The width options available are for 27", 30", 33" and 36" wide sink base cabinets.

What are you waiting for?

The sink base cabinet is constantly exposed to moisture, making it prone to mold growth and bacteria. Just think of where the water goes that sit around the faucet and soap dispenser hole.  They travel down the hose to the sink base cabinet floor, where deterioration starts.  Not to mention what chemicals can do over time. All of which will cost you a pretty penny to fix..  Why not spend $100 to protect and prevent the unknown?

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