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Nothing compares to a wood counter top. Spekva Worktops have been in business since 1968, and through unique craftsmanship and quality service, they have met their motto "More Than A Surface."  You may have invested in a beautiful, custom made wood top by Spekva, or you may have gotten it elsewhere.  But when it comes to protecting your investment, no other oil does it better than Spekva's oil.

Spekva oil is made up of linseed oil and three waxes: Carnauba, Paraffin and Bee's wax. Not only is this 100% food safe. It is absolutely necessary to provide a "protective" barrier for your wood top. The linseed oil penetrates the top, and the wax creates a wax finish which will provide a beautiful waterproof barrier.

What is included in the Spekva oiling kit at

  • Wood Block (Polish Cushion) with red velcrow
  • Reddish Brown Pad (Sticks to velcro on the block and is used to apply oil)
  • White Pad (Sticks to the velcro on the block and is used the next day to polish the top)
  • 180 & 240 Grit Sand Paper (Sticks to velcro block and is used for light sanding)
  • A 16 ounce bottle of Spekva Oil


When should you oil your top?

  • Oil once a week for the first month to saturate the top.
  • After top is saturated, oil it once a quarter or when needed.
  • You will notice after several oilings that the top will not absorb the oil as quickly once it become saturated.
  • You cannot over oil your top.
  • Make sure to wipe all excess oil off the top or it will dry and become sticky.
  • The oil  is your "protective" barrier.  This is why it is very important to properly maintain your top with the Spekva Oil.
  • It is best to oil your top before going to bed.  It will take 30-40 minutes to oil and wipe off the excess oil.  The top can then dry for 8 hours as you sleep.

How do I know if my wood top has been saturated enough?

  • When your top becomes saturated it will have a nice even look with a light waxy finish.
  • Remember! Different wood species may take longer to get saturated.
  • Walnut takes a couple more oilings to get fully saturated and will appear "blotchy" until it becomes fully saturated.
  • Bubinga is a very dense wood and takes a couple of more oilings to become saturated and will appear "Blotchy" as it becomes saturated.

How do I know my wood top needs oiling?

  • You will get to know your top by sight and touch to determine when it needs to be oiled.
  • You can also do the water test.  Put a small amount of water on the top.  If the water beads up and you can push the bead of water around the top, it does not need to be oiled.  [Think of a waxed car].  If the water does not bead up and starts to absorb into the top, then the top requires oil.
  • Glass Ring Marks- you may get these marks from condensation from glasses when your top is not fully saturated.  If this happens take the red pad with some oil on it and rub the area where the ring is. This should remove it.  If you are getting these rings, it is in an indication that your top is not fully saturated.

Step by Step Instructions for Oiling Your Wood Top.

  •  Cleaning- Wipe down the top with a cotton cloth to remove any dirt before oiling.  Use soap suds with water only. DO NOT use harsh abrasive cleaners or bleach on the work top.
  • Attach the Oiling Pad- Attached the reddish brown pad to the block.  Shake the bottle of oil to disperse the wax in the oil which may have settled to the bottom of the oil bottle.
  • Pouring the Oil- Slowly pour oil onto the work top.  You can also pour some directly onto the red pad. Please note that the oil can pour out quickly.  Be careful not to get the oil on your clothes or floor.
  • Working the Oil- Disperse the oil throughout the work top.  The red pad helps to work the oil into the top. Work the block in the direction of the wood grain. Make sure you use enough oil that you are able to work it into the top.
  • Sink Edge- Apply oil to the sink cut out. Do this first when  you begin to oil the top.  You can then keep going over it as you oil other parts of the top.  This is your main water area and you want to make sure that is is fully protected.
  • Edge Detail- Apply oil to the edge detail.  This may work better with a saturated cloth on ornate edge details.
  • Endgrain- The "endgrain" of the wood will absorb very quickly and always require more oil.  Always start with the sink cut out and the "endgrain" areas first so you can go back and work in more oil as you oil the rest of the top.
  • Oiling the Underside- You only have to oil the underside of the wood top of it is an open area for seating.  The underside only needs to be oiled twice.  Do not worry about the underside of any areas that are covered by cabinets.
  • Wait 15 Minutes- After you have worked the oil into the entire top, let it site for 15 minutes.  When you come back after 15 minutes you will notice that different areas or different staves have absorbed the oil more than others.  Work the excess oil on the top back over these areas and over the entire top.  Do not add any additional oil.  Let stand for another 15 minutes.
  • Wipe off Excess Oil- After 15 minutes take a cotton cloth and wipe off all excess oil.  Make sure to wipe off all edge details and cut outs.  Notes: It is very important to wipe off all the excess oil.  Any oil that is left on the top will dry and become sticky because of the way in the oil.
  • "Dry Sticky Oil"- If you accidentally left excess oil on the top and it dried and became sticky you can do the following: If it is a small area, take the red pad with a small amount of oil on it. Apply pressure to the area with red pad and rub in the direction of the grain.  If the entire top is sticky it will require a light sanding or use of a cabinet makers scraper to remove the sticky residue.
  • Let Dry for 8 hours- Once you have removed the excess oil, give the work top a light buffing with a clean cotton cloth.  Do not use for the next 8 hours.  This will allow the top to dry.  If you oil the top at night it can dry (8 hours) as you sleep.
  • Polish- After 8 hours take the "White Pad" and attach it to the block, or use a cotton cloth and give the top another quick buff.  Just like shining your shoes. As the top becomes saturated small amounts of oil will seep back up to the surface of the top.  Simply buff this oil back into the top.
  • Read to Use!- Your top is not ready to use!  Remember that not only does the oil bring your top back to life, but it is also the protective barrier that will keep you top looking beautiful for years to come.  You can never over oil your top, however, remember to wipe off the excess oil  Enjoy your Spekva Oil!

Use Spekva oil to keep the warranty valid.  Use it on any and all wood tops, cutting boards, heavily used wood furniture, or custom made pieces for a beautiful, natural finish!