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What's my sink options for a thirty inch sink base?!

We are frequently asked this question. For a sink base that isn't rare to find in many kitchen designs, people are having a hard time finding a sink that is efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing. I'm here to present you with a few options.

First thing is first. What's the largest sink you can fit in a 30" kitchen sink base cabinet?

Now when you have a 30" sink base, that means the outside width dimension is 30 inches. What we need to know, is the INSIDE width dimension. This will all depend on the construction of your cabinets. Some cabinets have 1/2" walls, while some have 3/4" construction. Based on these standards, the cabinet INSIDE width dimension will be between 29"-28.5". You'll now have to find a sink with an INSIDE/BASIN size to fit THIS dimension.

What people don't know is many manufacturers name their sinks INCLUDING the flange size. Some sinks will be labeled 30" Kitchen sink, but the basin size is in fact 28". [This sink will fit!] While other sinks are named after their TRUE 30" basin size [This will NOT fit]. Which means you CAN fit some "thirty" inch sinks in a 30" kitchen sink base cabinet. However, definitely take a look at each sink's specifications to make sure it will fit in your cabinet.

A sink with a basin dimension that is close or the same as your inside cabinet dimension will be a tight fit. And perhaps take a little more experience on your fabricator's end to install due to maneuverability, but it WILL fit and be structurally sound. Some customers may choose not to "play with fire" and select a smaller option.

When looking at the specs of the sink they will list the length, height and width of that sink. They will also include a 'minimum cabinet size'. To know if this sink CAN actually fit in your sink base, look to see If the sink has a length of 28". Link below >>

30" Sink with 28" basin

The specs will recommend a 33" sink base, this is only to add some (what I call) Fluff-up inches for any mistakes that may be made, and to cover their own butts as far as complaints and returns.

Another Option..

Another larger option, that provides more variety in its use is a 29" double bowl sink. This sink will fit in your 30" kitchen sink base cabinet and provide you with two 16x13"basins. Dividing your sink in two could be helpful for the experienced cooker or the dirty chef, providing a half sink for dirty dishes and a half for meal prep. >>

29" Double Bowl Sink

Sacrifice size, Not beauty...

 If you would feel more comfortable with a smaller sink for installation reasons or for your own use, the next largest sink size available for your 30" kitchen sink base cabinet would be a 26" sink with an inside basin of 24"x16".

With this sink, you do get less in size, but it's still an effective and beautiful sink >>

26" Sink with 24" Basin

There are many options for a 30" kitchen sink base cabinet, but some websites and dealers make you dig to find what you are really looking for. So remember, next time you are browsing for a sink that will fit, don't take sinks labeled 30" at face value, look into the specs!

If you are feeling limited, our website has a handy side bar that lets you filter all 25-30" sinks! Make sure you get to see all your options! If you have your heart and wallet set on sturdy thirty inches of sink and haven't purchased your sink base yet, check out our farmhouse sinks >>

30" Farmhouse sinks

Or speak to a real-life, sink expert on our LIVECHAT feature! We're all happy to be your personal shopper, and help you find the PERFECT sink!

Here are some of our most popular sinks that will fit in a 30" kitchen sink base cabinet:

(Also, when you find the best option, keep it looking awesome with this Stainless cleaner and polish