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Buy ANY Kraus WORKSTATION sink and Get 50% off KTF-3104MB and KTF-3104SFS
Buy ANY Kraus WORKSTATION sink and Get 50% off KTF-3104MB and KTF-3104SFS

Kitchen Sink Air Gaps

A kitchen sink air gap cover provides vital backflow protection for your dishwasher, preventing dirty water from the drain from contaminating your dishwasher. Dirty water from the sink could cause a substantial mess, whether it ends up inside the dishwasher itself or on clean dishes. The dishwasher air gap cover prevents that from happening and protects your dishwasher. Sink air gap covers can also help prevent the buildup of dirt within the pipes, keeping your water draining and flowing as smoothly as possible. These vital solutions are an integral part of your kitchen maintenance and will help prevent tedious plumbing challenges. 

Air gaps and air gap covers like the KRAUS air gap covers and KRAUS dishwasher overflow covers come in a variety of materials. Decorative caps can help provide the appearance you want even inside your kitchen appliances, including the same finish you use for your other plumbing needs. You can choose from a variety of brands and styles, including Kingston Brass, Premier Copper Products, and more. 

Ready to buy a dishwasher air vent cover, an air gap or air gap cover, but not sure about the ideal solution for your kitchen? Contact DirectSinks today. Our experts will work with you over the phone or via live chat to find the best air gap or air gap cover to fit your needs.