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S006Bt-H Rectangular Infinity Pool Sink - Honed Beige Travertine


Regular Price: $599.00
Inspired by the infinity pools found at so many high end hotels and contemporary residences the Eden Bath line of Infinity Pool Stone Sinks is a wonderful interpretation of a modern design trend. The beauty of the infinity pool stone sink is that it is made of two unique pieces the sink base (which can be used by itself as a regular rectangular stone sink) as well as the infinity insert which is a raised slab that sits inside of the sink base. With the drain hidden the sink demands attention from anyone who lays eyes on it its unique design will be a centerpiece of your modern bathroom. This particular model is made of honed beige travertine a popular material because of its warm neutral colors and extensive veining and texture.

*As hand crafted works of art created from natural stone, each stone sink will have its own unique finish and may not be exactly as shown in the photo(s).

Weight (lbs): 60

Brand Eden Bath
UPC 661799736503
Sink Mount Type Above Counter
Material Stone
Finish N/A

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