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Bocchi Fireclay Sinks-DirectSinks

Bocchi Fireclay Sinks


 Directsinks recently partnered with Bocchi to bring you their premium and innovative product line. We met with Bocchi at a kitchen and bath show. Bocchi had a product that caught my eye from over 50 ft away. 

Just for the visual, this is what I saw.. and this picture does not do the justice:Bocchi Contempo fireclay farmhouse sinks

That blue.. It was mesmerizing. As I walked closer I saw the cutting board. I was out of control. My heart rate was increasing, but that might have been that fourth cup of complementary coffee.  Once I was within a few feet of this sink I knew I had to have this for our clients. It gets better. I turned and saw an amazing dark gray model. Then a matte black. I couldn't control myself.

We recently added the product to and also brought a model into our showroom for display. The finish is stunning; regardless of color, the finish is flawless and has depth.  Personally, I love that most of their sinks come with the bottom grid and the strainer. Two of their models have a ledge and cutting board like the sink previously mentioned that I fell in love with. In addition to the cutting board, a colander is also available - check that out here .  

Just so you know we are human, we know picking a bold color is not easy. Especially when it is something you are buying online. Have you ever painted a room? I have, and I know a bold color is difficult to pick out.. and at the worst case scenario paint can be painted over; an easy fix.   The great part about the blue, blacks and grays that Bocchi offers is that it works wonderfully with white kitchens. Put a white sink in a white kitchen might look great, but you will see how your cabinets may not actually be as white as the sink. (The cabinet industry has 100's of white shades) This minor contrast might make your cabinets look dirty.  A gray sink would look stunning in a white kitchen. Do you like the "beach" or "Hampton's" look?  White shaker cabinets, blue apron sink, quartz top - Simply amazing 

What if Apron front, also called "Farm House" or "Country" sinks, is not your style? You can still get an undermount sink from Bocchi. They offer five different sizes. Three are bar sinks and two are primary sinks. Check out their under mount sinks here

 Give us a call if you have a question about Bocchi or anything else on our site. 855-827-3700. If we are around, then you can probably get us on the live chat feature. Yes it's us! We don't farm that out.. The person typing this blog, may be the person on the live chat.

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