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Get The Look: Kitchen Edition-DirectSinks

Get The Look: Kitchen Edition

You know when you're on Pinterest, Instagram or HOUZZ and you see these gorgeous images of homes you only dream of; so you save them to your ideabooks for the day you are ready to put your plans into action, only to find out 1. You can't find the items in the photo OR worse off 2. You're pockets aren't deep enough for such an extravagant purchase. Well we here at understand where you are coming from.  We too want to be trendy. We want our homes to look they belong in a magazine.  Isn't there a way to do it without having to bust into our 401Ks? Yup!  

In this edition of #getthelook, we break down the effortlessly colorful, feel good photo above to show you just how affordable it all really is! 

  1. Let start with the sink.  (Because Hello... DirectSinks).  The sink shown is a 40/60 under mount double bowl sink. Which means, the sink has two bowls, and the left one is smaller than the right. If you haven't heard, the top trending sink material is still stainless steel.  Double bowls are still the choice of those using a garbage disposal or those that live in the mid-west.  (Homeowners on the coasts tend to choose single bowls).  The exact sink shown in the photo is the Kraus KBU25, which is currently on sale for $269.95.  For that amazing price, you're getting the sink, two bottom stainless steel grids, strainers and Kraus's infamous black hand towel. 
  2. Faucet. This faucet is a clean, simple goose-neck faucet, with an arch that kind of reminds me of a lily that is about to bloom. (Could I be any more poetic? #chandlerbing)  This is the newest faucet by Kraus, called the Nolen (KPF-1676SFS). It is only available in their spot free stainless steel finish, which is A-OK in our book! Currently being sold for $189.95. 
  3. Rug. The most eye catching part of this photo is the rug. Anji Mountain has this rug for sale. But if you're looking to save some money purchase from our homebrand Threads of Throw.  This Ocala patterned rug is available in two size: 5x7 and 8x10.  The 5x7 is going for $159.50. 
  4. Lighting. So this photo doesn't technically show any lighting. What it does show is that showstopping blue blacksplash. My eye is just drawn to it. But I do realize this may be too bold for most. So I thought I'd show you a pendant light in the same hue. It's going for $158 a pop! 
  5. Hardware. Hardware is the jewelry of your cabinets. (This is a DirectSinks copyrighted slogan so don't steal it. Not really though). Anyhoo... The hardware seen here is textbook 'classic.'  The mixture of chrome and white inlay has a great balance which is particularly perfect for farmhouse or transitional styles. The knobs & pulls we like are by Top Knobs  and are $8.10 for the knob (M421).

Let's talk totals. Since I wouldn't know how many pendants or pieces of hardware you're going to need for your application, it's very hard for me to give you a total. But you can figure you'll be in the $850-$1000 ball park for all the items shown. BUT WAIT!  Don't forget we offer a free shipping, free returns and a 5% coupon  code at check out to save on your entire cart. Which will now put you in the $800-950 range! 

PS- If you want to pick my brain for more information regarding the products seen in the photo, comment below!    

  • Utensil holder. As much as I'd hate to do it.  I have to point you to IKEA.  We all know they sell something similar to this. So check your local IKEA or
  • Countertop. My guess is an engineered quartz (because you don't want a marble in a kitchen you're actually going to use!)  My all time favorite quartz company is Cambria. And this looks similar to their Swanbridge, Newport or Weybourne. 
  • Cabinets. If you're lucky enough to be a Long Islander, then I'd call A Direct Cabinet Distributors Corp. located in Patchogue, NY.  We'll get to meet face to face and I'll help you find JUST the right cabinets at JUST the right price for your budget. 

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