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Kitchen Sinks with a ledge.


It's like Thomas Edison said, "There's a way to do it better- Find it." They have found a better way to use a sink.  And this is it:  Ledge sinks!  The crowd goes wild.  Cheers flood the air.  Everyone is on their feet, giving a standing ovation.  At least that's how I picture it.  Ledge sinks have become increasingly popular with consumers who are in the market for a new kitchen sink.  And they should be.  They have the proverbial leg, or in this case, ledge, up on the competition.

Kitchen Ledge Sinks for Accessories

You may be asking yourself, "What is a ledge sink?"  It is a sink, that has a built-in, integral ledge, within the sink.  This creates a custom track for accessories, such as cutting boards, colanders, drain mats, trays etc. It basically creates another working level in the sink.  In the picture below, you can see what this sink's ledge looks like without any accessories on it, and the ledge in use.  

Dawn DSQ2817


The beauty of a ledge sink is its functionality.  They maximize efficiency, while minimizing movement. You may not have a large kitchen, and want all the counter top space as possible.  I get that.  I'm right there with you.  But nothing is as irritating as a small sink.  The ledge sink is the answer.  You can have a large sink, with functional accessories that can extend your work space when you need it. For example, here is my personal kitchen sink. 

Dawn DSU3118

Dawn DSU3118 with accessories mounted in exotic Granite I use the cutting board, as an extended counter top when I need the extra space.  I can use one side of the cutting board for meat, and the other side for vegetables.   The drain mat on the right, I keep on hand when I'm hand washing dishes.  When I'm done, I simply roll it up and put it in a drawer.  My ledge sink allows me to use the sink as a capable preparation or clean up area! It's pretty ingenious when you think about it.  I tailored my ledge sink to fit my needs, and you can do the same thing!

Dawn SRU311710 Ledge Kitchen Sink

Dawn SRU311710

If you choose a perfect rectangle, you can simply slide the accessories left and right for your cooking process. And not to mention, when using your sink accessories, there is no need to bend into the sink.  You'll be working at counter top height. The sink featured here is another ledge sink by Dawn

Ruvati RVH8350

Ruvati RVH8350

If you're a pasta lover, choose a ledge sink that has a colander.  Many of them can hold up to 2lbs of pasta.  Like this RVH8350 by Ruvati. This is a double bowl ledge sink. Perfect for those who want to opt to use a garbage disposal.  Install that in one of the two bowls, and now your ledge sink does a whole other function for ya!

Bocchi Fireclay Kitchen Sink 1348-005-0120

Bocchi Contempo Apron Front Fireclay 36-Inch Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

We've edited this post from a few years ago to include the new Bocchi Fireclay sinks. These apron front, farmhouse sinks and their step rim (aka accessory ledge) are taking the industry by storm.  It's available in 9 colors and a whole host of variations. Seen here is their 36" double bowl.



NEW RELEASE : Kraus Kore Workstation Sinks! 

Kraus Ledge Sink

Kraus has always been a "go-to" brand for us for many reasons; value without sacrifice of quality. Kraus is simply the best bang for the buck for our clients. High grade 16 gauge stainless, excellent finish, ample sound proofing, excellent service, and amazing warranty keep the love there! Now, with the release of the Kore™  system we are simply floored.  Check out our related blog here: KORE

The ledge sink is become so popular, we created it's own category on our site.  You'll find a variety of ledge sinks: single basin, double basin, top mount, under mount, contemporary style, traditional style, different radius corners and more! 


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