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Zero Radius Kitchen Sinks; Are they actually harder to clean?

Zero Radius Kitchen Sinks; Are they actually harder to clean?

Zero Radius Sinks, sometimes known as 90 degree corner sinks, or R0 sinks, have a unique style. For our clients looking for a modern or commercial style, the zero radius is often the first suggestion.  

Often, our clients will directly ask or request a zero radius sink, but connected to the request is the question: "Are zero radius sinks harder to clean?" 

   We frequently are asked this question.  Before we get into the analysis of this first let me clarify what "Corner radius" means in this context; The corner radius is the curve of the corner of the sink. The corners are where the walls meet the sink bottom, where the walls meet each other, and where two walls and the bottom come together. The four main Corner Radius Options are:

1. Standard Radius:  An open corner sink with a curve that is approximately 3-4" in diameter

2. Reduced Radius: This corner is the bridging transition of style from "Traditional to Modern". This is a smaller corner, but still not bold ascetically speaking.

Kraus KBU12,This is a sink with a Standard Radius Corner  Kraus KBU12

Kraus 25" Dex is a great example of a Reduced Radius Corner 

Kraus 25" Undermount Kitchen Sink

 3. Micro Radius Corner:  This corner is typically 10-15 millimeters in radius, or about the thickness of your pinky finger.  Typically this style sink will also have drain grooves on the bottom to direct water the drain. These grooves are what will make the sink have a commercial or "Chef" style. 

4. Zero Radius Corner: This corner is without a curve. Imagine a cardboard box.. The lack of a curve in the corners is what a zero radius sink's corners look like as well. 

 Dawn SRU201609 with a Micro Radius Corner Dawn Small Radius 22" Kitchen Sink


Kraus KHU23 Zero Radius Corner


KHU23 Kraus Zero Radius


Now that you can visualize the differences side by side, lets cover another aspect about the sink corner radius' and what they mean to you. 

 Working Volume:  Mathematically speaking, the smaller the radius corners the more interior space a sink has.  We aren't speak a massive difference, but it is there.   

 Depth:  Typically, a standard radius sink will be 9" deep, and in contrast, often the micro and zero radius sinks will be 10" deep. 

 So, lets get to the subject at hand, shall we? 

Are zero radius sinks harder to clean or keep clean?   Yes.. but not always... 

What is it about the zero radius that can keep it from "staying clean" 

1. Tricks your eye.    Depending on how your sink is lit up- (Overhead light or natural light) will allow a zero radius sink to have more shadow in the corner. An open corner has more light reflection. Often we class a less shiny sink with one with grime.

2. Surface area.    Picture this: You just finished cleaning up after a lovely meal. However, a pesky piece of onion that was on your plate when you rinsed it off decided to sit in the corner of the sink.  In an open radius sink, the onion would be possibly held in place on one small area. On the zero radius sink, it is more likely that same pesky onion is stuck on two surfaces; the sink bottom, and wall. Worse yet, the corner itself, keeping the onion in its place on three sides. More surfaces area equates to more cohesion. Gasp! What if you forget to rinse the sink out at the end of the evening, that onion may require some assertive elbow grease to get it loose.

What to do? If you are literally thinking about this "too much" or "all the time", you are not alone! We have clients who have taken weeks and months to make a decision on a kitchen sink. We get it. I get it. I have a kitchen with nice counter tops. The sink is fairly permanent in my counter top. It is a big decision.  

 Do you like the look of the zero radius? Yes? Then go for it!  Just rinse the sink out when your are done cleaning up dinner. I suggest a pull out faucet. It will make your cleaning life easier.  We suggest cleaning a sink with a soft sponge and dish soap. Don't use steel wool, it's too abrasive.  

Still torn? Talk to me on the live chat. If you like the look of zero radius, but are nervous about the possibility of the stuck gunk, then I would point you to the micro, or small radius sinks. Small radius sinks typically will have the modern look you want.  



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